5 Indians Who Went Viral And It Changed Their Lives

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Many photos and videos get viral everyday but it hardly changes anybody’s life. But in some cases through some photos or videos people gained so much popularity that it changed their lives forever. Today we’ll go through these persons who went viral and became popular, let’s start.

Here are those 5 Indians who went viral and got popular within no time!

1. Sanjeev Srivastava

He is popularly known as the dancing uncle throughout the world, his dancing video at a relatives wedding went so viral not only in India but throughout the world. And he was a professor who lived in Bhopal and he wasn’t even aware of his video getting viral, through this video he got a recognition and started to get calls and invitations in various shows. He appeared in various news channels and interviews and also in a dance reality show where he got to meet Govinda and Salman Khan. A small video just changed his life forever.

2. Hanaan Hamid

She is a girl from Kerala whose photo in a college uniform while selling fish in a market went viral, her story is very inspiring though. She used to sell fish after college in order to support her family and arrange her fees, when her story and photo went viral many people started helping her and started donating money for her education.

Hanaan Hamid even got a offer from a Malayalam director to work in his movie, but soon this popularity went upside down and people started targeting her in various ways, like if she is poor then from where did she get money to afford a cycle or why does she have a Facebook account and so on. Once she got targeted by media in the market and the police helped her to get out from it and she cried and yelled at media that if she can work for her family then having a facebook account should not be a big deal for people, she even contributed her college donation in Kerala flood relief amounting to Rs 1.5 lakh.

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