5 Innocent Children Who Became Serial Killers

Have you folks at any point thought what triggers a person to murder somebody without having any sense of guilt? Well famous crime shows for example, Criminal Minds and CSI tell us that such individuals who think or behave in such away are believed to be serial killers. And these serial killers can be anyone of any age, it can be children too. No doubt things are going to get entirely dreadful from here. Hello guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Before we get started I want to know what do you think is the best punishment for the serial killers, let me know your thoughts down below.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Innocent Children Who Became Serial Killers!

5. Joshua Phillips

10 Children Who Became Serial Killers

Joshua’s mom went into his son’s room to do some tidying up and she noticed his waterbed was leaking. When she went to take a closer look she realized that it wasn’t water, yeah I bet you guys know where I’m going with this one. It turns out her son had stored a dead body of a young neighbor girl under his bed and the water the mom thought she saw was actually the girl’s corpse leaking blood and fluids that were built up for days. Doctor said that the initial injuries were just an accident but nonetheless Joshua was convicted and is still in prison to this day. Since he was under during the time of the trial he was able to escape the death penalty.

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4. Graham Young

Graham young as a teen Graham was very interested in the concept of poison and he wanted to see what would happen if someone actually consumed some. So he began performing experiments on his unsuspected family members. His stepmother ended up dying from complications related to the poison T Graham had been giving her. It soon became a well known fact that Graham was obsessed with violence and poison. So when he ended up confessing to the murder his family wasn’t very surprised. Graham ended up he sent to a mental institution where he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic. He was later released in 1970, but clearly he wasn’t well because he began to poison his coworkers. He ended up dying years later in 1990. Later a film inspired by Graham and his obsession with poisoning others, came out called “A Young Poisoners Handbook”.

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