These 5 Cartoon Fan Theories Will Definitely Ruin Your Childhood

You know when you see something good and entertaining the television screen, you become a fan of that TV show or movie.

You find people who share similar interest in that TV show, cartoon or movie. People on the internet make communities to discuss about their favorite shows, they asks questions, they write fan fiction to give their own take on their favorite show. Often times these internet groups and communities which were created by the fans for their favorite show become a source for many crazy, weird and bizarre fan theories. Sometimes when the television production team fails to address the important plot points which they inevitably do, the fans seek answers to questions regarding their favorite characters or a certain event in the story-line.

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Fans are really passionate about what they watch so when they see something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. These fans step in with their opinions and imagination trying to make some sense of their favorite pieces of content. You know you’re never too old for the cartoons, it’s always entertaining. Although some people could say that cartoons are aimed specifically at children, but you simply can’t help, but notice the strange backstories and adult themes prevalent in the cartoons which make you wonder maybe the creators of these cartoons were not that innocent after all.

Internet is full of such conspiracy theories about your favorite cartoons and these theories surely are ruining our childhoods. Some theories are funny, some are crazy, but some are truly gruesome and they definitely mess with our minds. How are we supposed to accept the idea that the Rugrats babies or Shin Chan were dead the whole time? We have collected together 10 crazy and shocking cartoon theories from the internet that will surely leave you scratching your head. Surely you can choose to approve or disapprove these, you can challenge them by expressing your ideas in the comments section.

So let’s take a look at 5 Insane Cartoon Fan Theories That Will Definitely Ruin Your Childhood!

1. What? So Courage isn’t actually a courageous dog, but a delusional one? All those monsters were just a figment of his imagination.

2. That explains why so many intelligent and rich people committing stupid crimes for the sake of money.

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 3. Now I really feel bad for the poor guy. It’s not fun to laugh at someone who suffers from a mental illness.

4. So Spongebob Squarements and his friends are deformed creatures born as a result of nuclear testing? Get out of town!

5. This is so depressing. Oh My God!So guys what do you think about these crazy fan theories? They truly are bizarre! Feel free to share your take on this by commenting below the article. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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