6 Insane Inventions That Actually Exist!

Insane Inventions
There have been some amazing inventions by the scientists that helped humankind to a great extent. Let's have a look.

There have been some amazing inventions by the scientists that helped humankind to a great extent. But, there are also some very strange and insane inventions that will definitely force you to scratch your head.

Take A Look At 6 Insane Inventions You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

1. Bottle Loft

We have to admit, this actually stresses me out somewhat. The bottle loft is a magnetic hanger for your fridge that helps you to save space by allowing you to hang your bottles on the top of the fridge. For me, hanging beer is kind of disaster waiting to happen but the magnets are really strong. This sounds crazy.

2. Scooter Stroller

Scooter stroller or scooter buggy depending on where you’re from. Basically, this combines the fun of traveling on a scooter with the hard task of pushing a baby. This is pure genius! Being a parent doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun anymore. With the use of this invention, you can enjoy to the fullest.

3. Edible Spray Paint

This is for people who love gold. What if you could make all of your things gold including your food? I would absolutely do it. Gold strawberries are absolute yes for me. With the use of this edible paint, you can enjoy even enjoy the dishes you don’t really like.

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4. Dine Ink Pens

I mean what more do you need in terms of office supplies or school supplies than a pen? You can use these pens to write stuff that then turns into a knife or fork that allows you to eat stuff. This is really an insane invention, I mean, who wants to swallow ink? I am just kidding.

5. Silent Karaoke

To me, karaoke is all about singing it out loud and singing it out proud. But, one inventor decided to cut the fun by making a mute mic. This basically works in exactly the opposite way as your usual microphone. Instead of amplifying your glorious voice, it mutes it. It was actually designed so that people can stay up late and sing loudly without waking their neighbors. You can still hear your own voice through headphones if you want to but nobody else can. The muted mic plugged in via USB makes it perfect for singing and gaming.

6. Grass Flip Flops

This is one of the most insane inventions. Basically, you feel like you’re outside when you’re inside and when you’re outside you can feel like an absolute fool. I would be worried about ants and snails starting a new life in my flip-flops but apparently, it is actually synthetic grass which I think kind of defines the point. Does it have that fresh grass smell? That’s all I want to know. I don’t know maybe it’s creepy to go on smelling people’s shoes though.

Which invention according to you is the most insane of them all? Let us know in the comment section below.

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