5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Elijah Mikaelson

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. There wouldn’t be the Originals without Elijah Mikaelson. The noble one has played a significant role in the storylines, he was the catalyst in the transformation of his half-brother Klaus Mikaelson. Elijah is the first member of the Mikaelson who debuted on the Vampire Diaries, he introduced himself and displyed his power when he punished Trevor for the betrayal. The Salvatores and Elijah were at the odds with each other in the beginning, they even managed to neutralize him temporarily. However, after coming to an understanding with Elena Gilbert, Elijah offers his aid to the Mystic Falls Gang in order to punish his brother for harming their family. He would be reunited with his family in Season 3 where he served as an antagonist.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Elijah Mikaelson


5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Elijah Mikaelson
The CW

It’s undeniable that there are plenty of similarities between the Mikaelsons (Klaus & Stefan) and Salvatores (Stefan & Damon).

  • Both pair of the brothers fell in love with a Petrova Doppelganger which resulted in a love triangle. Klaus & Elijah fell for Tatia who chose Elijah in the end whereas Stefan & Damon fell for Katherine who chose Stefan.
  • Both Stefan & Elijah are considered to be the ‘good’ brothers who value virtues and care about humanity. Whereas Klaus & Damon are the ‘bad’ ones who are chaotic, carry a bad temper, and could be extremely vengeful. Both Klaus & Damon hated their father and were abused/punished by their father, and were considered to be an embarrassment.
  • Both Stefan and Elijah have loved Katherine at some point. In Season 4, Katherine asks Elijah to stay back so they can be finally together, but Elijah left Mystic Falls for his brother Klaus.
  • Even though Stefan & Elijah are virtuous and noble, they are rational and compassionate, but they have a vicious monster locked inside them. Whenever Stefan becomes a Ripper, he loses his humanity and cannot control his impulses, he’d harm anyone in his way without any regard. Whereas Elijah appears so civilized on the outside but he has a violent and monstrous side of him locked behind the Red Door which he refuses to acknowledge.

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5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Elijah Mikaelson
The CW

Elijah always had a tough luck when it came to romantic relationships. Every woman who has ever loved Elijah met with a tragic fate. His first love interest Tatia died accidentally when he was unable to control his vampiric hunger. The Red Door was created with the intention of forgetting the traumatic death of Tatia at the hands of Elijah Mikaelson. His second love interest, a Petrova Doppelganger named Katerina nearly died at the hands of Klaus which forced her to transform into a vampire, and eventually meet her demise at the hands of the Salvatores.

5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Elijah Mikaelson
The CW

His third girlfriend Celeste Dubois was a witch who also met her end due to Klaus, but it turned out she switched bodies and stayed alive by possessing different witches. She served as the villain of Originals Season 1. Then came the newly turned Gia who was mentored by Elijah, they shared a close bond, but she was killed by Klaus who punished Elijah for daggering him and letting Hayley & Hope escape. And finally, the most epic love of Elijah’s life is Hayley Marshall. Throughout the first four seasons of the Originals, it became pretty evident that they had feelings for each other, but they struggled to come to terms with it. Even though they had their moments, but something always kept separating them. In Season 5, it felt like Haylijah would be reunited, but Plec shocked the fans when Hayley met her end abruptly, and what’s worse is that Elijah somewhat played a role in the event.


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