5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Sam & Dean Winchester

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural entertained the fans for 15 years. The tale of two brothers who defied their fate and made the impossible happen. We have been a part of their amazing journey. We fans considered Sam and Dean as our family as it’s natural to be attached to these fictional characters who you have been watching for so long. While Sam and Dean are fictional characters who hunt monsters such as ghosts, vampires, demons on the show. But in real life, they are normal human beings. We have been watching Supernatural for so long that we mostly view Jensen and Jared as Dean and Sam. We forget that these actors are not hunters in real life, they don’t go around making crossroad demon deals in actual life. It’s a proof of how Jensen and Jared played their characters so effortlessly that the fans recognize them with the Winchester brothers. Even though these amazing actors have done a plethora of work, been part of numerous projects and movies.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Sam & Dean Winchester


5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Sam & Dean Winchester
The CW

Did you know that the actors have been extremely dedicated and committed to Supernatural for 15 years. If you have followed the journey of Jensen and Jared from the beginning then you’ll know how Supernatural has been extremely close to their heart. The actors always managed to show up at the fan conventions, went out of their way for the fans. They made numerous sacrifices such as staying away from their family for months just to shoot the show.

Both Jared and Jensen have been presented numerous opportunities in other TV shows and movies, but they turned down the offer because of their commitment to Supernatural. Did you know Jensen could have been the Hawkeye? He almost ended up becoming Captain America, but he chose Supernatural in the end. Similarly, Jared Padalecki turned down the lead role in the action movie GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra. He could have been Duke AKA Conrad Hauser, but due to Supernatural, he refused the role which went to Channing Tatum.

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5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Sam & Dean Winchester
The CW

If you have seen Supernatural then you know there have been numerous times when Sam and Dean weren’t on the same, both believed their way of doing things would be better, and they ended up fighting. There have been times when they didn’t speak to each other and stayed away for a while. Well, Jensen and Jared share the brotherly relationship in real life, but there have been one instance when they had a difference of opinions and they reportedly got into a fight. This was during the first season of Supernatural. Their argument was that intense that they had to step away from each other for a while. The actors also had a falling out after Jared called out Jensen on Twitter for not informing him about the Supernatural spin-off. However, the duo soon reconciled and called it nothing more than a bump in their long road of friendship.


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