5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Team Free Will

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The minute Dean Winchester uttered the words that the team comprises of a drop out with six bucks, an ex-blood junkie, and a comatose, it was the official beginning of the Team Free Will. The reason the team is called Team Free Will is because the characters fought for the free will, they fought against the circumstances, they fought against the destiny, and managed to change it. The Winchesters were destined to be the vessels of the archangels so celestial war could happen which would result in an apocalypse, but they changed their fate, and prevented the apocalypse. The second version of the team Free Will came when Castiel was resurrected from the dead, Jack had entered the lives of the Winchesters, they began working on the cases together. This Team Free Will 2.0 would challenge God who caused chaos by resurrecting all the foes that Winchester have fought and defeated in the past, but they together with the help of other allies such as Rowena, Arthur, took down God.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Team Free Will


5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Team Free Will
The CW

Their name originated from the fact that in Season 5 Michael who was planned to possess Dean, warned him that they cannot outrun their fate, he didn’t believe in any Free Will. The original team Free Will consisted of Sam, Dean, and Castiel. Their non-official members included Bobby, Crowley, Rufus, Kevin, Charlie, Gabriel, Balthazar, Garth, Donna, and Jody. This version lasted from Season 5 to Season 12. The second incarnation would included the addition of Jack Kline. Along with a few of the original allies, other non-official members include Jules, Claire, Rowena, Mary, Patience, Adam, and others. The only official members who are alive right now are Jack and the resurrected Castiel.

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Did you know that three members of the Team Free Will has died in a season finale, even though they were resurrected later. Dean died in Season 3 finale after being mauled by the hellbound. He would be raised from the hell in Season 4 premiere episode by Castiel. Dean would die again at the hands of Metatron in Season 9 finale, but the mark didn’t let him die, he transformed into a demon. Similarly, Castiel was exploded by Raphael in Season 4 finale, but God resurrected him. Similarly, Lucifer exploded him in Season 5 finale during the battle, but once again God resurrected him. Castiel would get stabbed by Lucifer in Season 12 finale, his body was burned by the Winchesters, but he still ended up getting resurrected after he annoyed the Empty. Finally Jack was smacked by God, but the death Billie raised him back.


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