5 Interesting And Unknown Things About Misha Collins

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Misha Collins rose to major fame with his work in Supernatural. He is one of the few actors who played a character that arguably became more popular than the main protagonists of the show. Supernatural fans already know a whole lot about this amazing actor, we know that he is a published writer, he loves pranking, and he is a very generous person who has helped many with his charity. But there’s a whole lot about him that fans aren’t aware of. Misha Collins was born as Dmitri Krushnic, the name Collins that he use has been taken from the maiden name of his grand-grandmother.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting And Unknown Things About Misha Collins


5 Interesting And Unknown Things About Misha Collins
The CW

Did you know that before he started his acting career, Misha Collins worked at the White House! It’s a true fact!! The actor interned at the White House during the Presidency of Bill Clinton. He was working in the Presidential Personnel office. Misha interned for 4 months in the year 1994. He has talked about his internship experiences a couple of times. Misha also talked about Bill Clinton, saying how the former President was viewed as a celebrity. Misha even talked about this idea in great detail when he wrote an article in 1998 in Baltimore Sun. The entire world was taken by storm when the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal broke out. Misha defended Monica Lewinsky through his article as how she wasn’t the only one who was star struck by the aura of Clinton.

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5 Interesting And Unknown Things About Misha Collins
The CW

Apart from his acting prowess, he is a very talented writer. His poems such as ‘Baby Pants’ has been published in the Columba Poetry Review #21 Edition of 2008. His entire collection of poems has been published in the book ‘Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You’ which was released in 2021 and it grabbed a spot on the list of New York Times Bestseller. Apart from poetry books, he has written a cooking book along with his wife Victoria, the book is titled ‘The Adventurous Easters Club’. His writing book is not limited to only the field of arts, the acting has also published a scientific academic paper along with several other people. This research paper is titled ‘The 2D Shape Structure Dataset’ and it can be viewed on Science Direct.


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