5 Interesting Details About The Originals That You Might Have Missed

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the Originals has ended, but it left the viewers with plenty of questions. There are numerous interesting facts about the show’s characters that many fans have missed, there are some hidden details that fans failed to notice.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Details About The Originals That You Might Have Missed


5 Interesting Details About The Originals That Might You Have Missed
The CW

It was the beginning of the 11th Century when Mikael and Esther suffered the loss of their youngest son Henrik at the hands of the werewolves which forced them to take a drastic step to save their bloodline. Esther coming from a powerful witch bloodline used the magic to turn her husband and children into the first vampires known as the Originals. Now we have seen the Originals say this countless times that they have walked the earth for over 1000 years. But how true is the claim?

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Well, Now Kol has been daggered numerous times by Klaus, he once remained neutralized for 100 years. He has been daggered for a total number of 295+ years. Rebekah has been daggered quite a few times, bringing her total time somewhere around 140+ years. Finn suffered the worst fate, he remained daggered close to 900 years. Mikael has remained daggered for only a year. However, the witch Abby desiccated him and kept him entombed for 15+ years. Klaus and Elijah are the only two who have experienced more than 1000 years of life as Original Vampires.

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5 Interesting Details About The Originals That Might You Have Missed
The CW

Lucien, Tristan, and Aurora were the first vampires to be ever sired by Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. Now this is pretty obvious, the Trinity shares numerous similarities with their respective Original Vampire sire. Take for example, Aurora, a sort of a crazy, chaotic, and unstable girl who seeks love more than anything else. She has an overprotective brother who keeps her away from the ‘real’ world. Thus the main goal of both the characters was to find love. Then comes Tristan who thinks and behaves like a nobility similar to Elijah. Both of them are good with their words, they just know how to persuade people, and has excellent people and leadership skills. Elijah founded the Strix which was later managed by Tristan under which the organization thrived. The main purpose of both these characters were to protect their beloved ones.

Then comes Klaus, They both sough power throughout their lives. Klaus was ruthless in his hunt for power and crossed all limits. He wanted to be the undisputed King. Lucien started a company named ‘Kingmakers’, coincidence? Both got their hearts broken by Aurora De Martel. They both spent majority of their lives to become powerful and invincible. Klaus spent numerous years to break the Hybrid Curse which made him extremely powerful whereas Lucien engineered the beast serum to become powerful than the Originals.


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