5 Interesting Details In Supernatural That Fans Overlooked

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. It’s pretty easy to miss out certain details, Supernatural is extensive long, and it’s not remotely possible for a human being to remember it all. Often times fans remember things differently and sometimes they miss out on a few things, and they easily label it as a plot hole or an inconsistency error. But if you observe it clearly, you’ll find out that the answer was there all along.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Details In Supernatural That Fans Overlooked


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Many consider Season 2 to be the best season of the show. There was lots going in this season. From Sam learning about his psychic powers to meeting the different psychic children who were also manipulated and influenced by Azazel. The Yellow-Eyes had some sinister plans for Sam, Ava, and the other psychic children. But many were surprised when the Psychic Children storyline ended abruptly. Many are confused regarding the significance of the Psychic Children. Some people believe they were destined to lead the army of the underworld against the angels whereas some believe they all were the potential vessels for Lucifer.

By fighting each other, they would only corrupt their souls further and would become the one rightful vessel to Lucifer. Many miss the part that the instructions came from Lucifer who told Azazel to find the ‘Special Child’, but Azazel didn’t know that it was Sam who was destined to be the true vessel of Lucifer. He believed it was his job of creating ‘special children’ by infecting them with his blood, and then put them into a contest to find out the true vessel. Also, Lucifer had a backup plan that if the special children says NO, he could turn to a human and use him as a his vessel.

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5 Interesting Details In Supernatural That Fans Overlooked
The CW

In Season 5 ‘Dark Side of The Moon’, Dean and Sam end up in heaven where Sam’s heaven consisted of happy memories which excluded Dean and John. Naturally, this hurt Dean Winchester a lot and it also pushed him towards saying ‘YES’ to Michael. According to a Reddit post, a fan made a post about the possibility of Sam’s heaven memories being manipulated by Zachariah. When the fan ran this theory by Jared, he also accepted the same that Zachariah manipulated the heaven of Sam to exclude all his happy memories with Dean. Even the actor Kurt Fuller in an interview described his character Zachariah of being ambitious enough to do something like that. By any means, he wanted Dean to say ‘yes’ to become the vessel of Michael.


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