5 Interesting Facts About Arisu From Alice In Borderland!


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Ryohei Arisu is the titular character of Alice in Borderland. This Netflix hit show is making the headlines all over the globe. Based on the Japanese manga of the same name, it follows humans who find themselves trapped in a world called ‘Borderland’ where they must compete in games that require physical and mental strength. On successfully completing the game, the player is granted days on his visa which allows him to survive in the Borderland for a while, but the player must participate in the game otherwise they would be eliminated.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About Arisu From Alice In Borderland!


5 Interesting Facts About Arisu From Alice In Borderland!

Arisu is a gamer! Right at the beginning of the first episode, we see him playing him playing a computer game and he seem pretty skilled at it. While he’s on his way to meet Chota and Karube, he can be seen playing puzzle solving game on his phone. Arisu spent majority of his time in the real world playing games which is the reason why he is able to have a great understanding of the games in the Borderland. He is able to get clues and insights from the game designs and is able to grasp the psyche of the game master which provides him with an advantage. We have Queen of Spades, Queen of Hearts, and King of Clubs display an interest in Arisu. Queen of Hearts wanted Arisu to be on her team whereas Queen of Hearts specifically designed the game of Seven of Hearts for Arisu & his friends. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that if it wasn’t for Arisu’s intellect and quick thinking & reasoning, then they wouldn’t be able to beat the Borderland. Ultimately, it was him who defeated Queen of Hearts in the greatest game of deceit and manipulation to make their return to original world possible.


5 Interesting Facts About Arisu From Alice In Borderland!

Arisu is a compassionate person. He is sometimes too good for the Borderland which is a nasty place. We have seen groups break up, people betray each other whenever given the opportunity, and everyone choosing their own survival. But Arisu always tried doing things for the greater good. In the ‘Tag Game’ he screams and requests others to work together to take down the tagger. It was his cooperation with Usagi that allowed them to clear the game with one second remaining. Due to his actions, the tagger was eliminated and Arisu felt guilty about it, but was encouraged by Usagi.

  • In the game of ‘Seven of Hearts’, he doesn’t care about his survival and begs his friends to take away the power of ‘wolf’. But his friends hide themselves to avoid making contact necessary to transfer the power.
  • In the game of ‘Four of Clubs’, Arisu carries a motorbike back to the starting point of the game just to save Takuma who has a sprained ankle.
  • In the game of ‘Ten of Hearts’, Arisu sees through the facade of Aguni who is taking the fall as the witch. Arisu tries appealing to Aguni to mend his ways and brings forth the friendship of Aguni and Hatter. It was Arisu’s appeal that eventually caused Aguni to act selflessly when he took down Niragi into the fire.


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