5 Interesting Facts About Bobby Singer From Supernatural


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After he is shot, Bobby goes into a coma where he is confronted with a Reaper who tells him that his time is coming up. Bobby’s told that only way out is to confront his worst memories, his worst nightmare is standing up to this father. Interestingly, his demise happened to take the show in a much serious direction. Bobby’s last words are Idjits. We see that he is given a chance to ascend to heaven or to stay back as a spirit. We later learn that Bobby has stayed behind as a ghost, his spirit is attached to a flask. Unlike many others, Bobby’s spirit becomes a vengeful spirit rather quickly. Usually it can take years for a spirit to turn vengeful, but consumed by his anger and revenge, Bobby become vengeful pretty quickly. Bobby would later end up in the underworld instead of going to heaven where he would spend 150 years, but didn’t lose his humanity. His soul was rescued by the Winchesters and he eventually moved to heaven.

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While it is a well known fact that out of Sam and Dean, Dean is the favorite of Bobby. When Dean was small, Bobby took him to the park instead of doing what Dean’s father John asked him to do. When Dean reaches heaven, he is greeted by Bobby who informs Dean that several changes have been made to heaven by Castiel and Jack. But interestingly, Bobby shares couple of similarities with Sam. Both of them turned to hunting after losing the woman they loved. They lost their partner to something Supernatural. Azazel is responsible for the demise of Jessica whereas it was a demon who possessed Karen. Also, both Sam and Bobby have been possessed by a demon and have been cured of the possession.



Interestingly, the character of Bobby Singer is the only one who has appeared in every SPN Season along with Sam and Dean. Jim Beaver has also appeared in the Boys, an Eric Kripke created show which also featured Jensen Ackles in Season 3 as Soldier Boy and will feature Jeffrey Dean Morgan in its Season 4. Did you know that Jim Beaver has served in the US Marine Corps, he worked as a radio operator after learning the science of radio relay. He is not just an actor, but also a writer and a film historian. He has written a book on the life and work of the actor John Garfield.

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