5 Interesting Facts About Caroline Forbes From Vampire Diaries


5 Interesting Facts About Caroline Forbes From Vampire Diaries
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In the book, her name is Caroline Beula Forbes she sees Elena Gilbert as her rival. Like the TV show, she has been good friends with Bonnie and Meredith (her character changed significantly in the show). Caroline was hurt when Stefan chose Elena and rejected her efforts. She planned to exact revenge along with Tyler. Her plan involved making the personal secrets of Elena’s diary public. Like the show, Stefan and Caroline have dated together. However, in the books, Caroline carried the child of Tyler Lockwood whereas she carried the Saltzman Twins in the show. She is a Vampire in the TV show whereas she transforms into a werewolf in the novels. In the script of the first episode of TVD, it is revealed that the last name was supposed to be Truitt, not Forbes. But ultimately, they went ahead with the name Caroline Forbes.

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Caroline Forbes is one of the few characters to appear across all three shows, she might be the only character from the Vampire Diaries who has appeared in the final episode of all three shows. In Vampire Diaries, she makes an appearance, in the final moments, she could be seen starting the Salvatore School. In Originals, she is reunited with Klaus Mikaelson in the final episode. Finally, in Legacies, she makes her on-screen appearance in the show. One would be surprised to know that Candice Accola has appeared in 150 episodes, in more episodes than Nina Dobrev. It’s the third-highest number of appearances in TVD. Candice appeared in a total of 5 episodes in Originals, and one appearance in Legacies. Joseph Morgan also returned for a special appearance in the final episode of Legacies. Klaroline, a ship comprising Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes, it’s the only ship whose characters have appeared across all three shows. Candice Accola’s total number of appearances in TVD Universe is 157.


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Caroline’s family ‘The Forbes’ have played a significant role in the history of Mystic Falls. It’s a sort of tradition that a member of the Forbes family has always served as a Sheriff. Starting with William Forbes, one of the founders, who also served as a sheriff, right down to Elizabeth Forbes who served as Sheriff until her demise happened. In the books, there exists Daniel, the brother of Caroline, but the show showed Caroline as a single child. With the passing of Liz, Caroline is the last surviving member of the Forbes Family.

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