5 Interesting Facts About Originals Ending That Fans Might Not Know

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. When the TVD spin-off ‘The Originals’ was announced, some fans had their doubts as if this show could be on par with the Vampire Diaries. Originals not only exceeded the expectations of the fans, but it turned out to be better than the Vampire Diaries. The show proved to be superior to the Vampire Diaries because of its mature storylines and a departure from teen drama and romantic entanglements, placing emphasis on the themes of family bonds. While the characters in the Vampire Diaries were either good or bad, but the Originals characters were covered in the layers of shades of Grey. Their motivations changed from time to time dictating their morality. While the Originals missed at certain points such as lack of diversity when it comes to the villains as TVD featured villains of all kind, ranging from the Original Vampires to a Siren whereas Originals mostly featured witches and vampires as antagonists. Originals also lacked female leads such as Elena, Bonnie where TVD edges its spin-off.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About Originals Ending That Fans Might Not Know


The CW

When the announcement came out on July 2017 that the show wouldn’t be renewed for a Season 6, numerous reports began circulating online speculating what went wrong. Some thought maybe it has to do with Legacies, some felt there was an issue with the actors. But the real reason why the show ended was because of the ratings which started declining, the storyline also became quite predictable. The descend in the ratings began in the fourth season and the storyline of Season 4 involving Hollow wasn’t received well by the fans. It was Julie Plec who announced on the Twitter about the show’s cancellation. She said how it is both a blessing and a curse to have the power to end the show. While it is bittersweet to end a show you love, but having the choice to make the decision when is a blessing.

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5 Interesting Facts About Originals Ending That Fans Might Not Know
The CW

Season 5 concluded the show and various storylines. While the final season was criticized by many fans not giving show the ending t deserved. At the same time, fans learned about TVD’s second spin-off which will feature on Hope Mikaelson. This resulted in Season 5 kind of becoming a back-door to the Legacies. Most of the focus shifted to Hope and the other Mikaelsons were absent for the most part in the final season. Hayley, Rebekah, and Kol are barely seen in the final season. Klaus and Elijah are distanced and spent most of the time at being odds against each other. Klaus and Elijah shared the most important bond, the very foundation of the Originals which was absent in Season 5 for most of the part. Hayley who has gone through immense character development over the course of four seasons died in an outrageous manner. While Klaroline shippers got their moment in the sun, but Haylijah fans witnessed the worst ending for their favorite pair.


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