5 Interesting Facts About Originals Ending That Fans Might Not Know


5 Interesting Facts About Originals Ending That Fans Might Not Know
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In an interview, Daniel Gillies who played Elijah Mikaelson revealed how there was tremendous pressue on him while filming the backdoor pilot for another show which would revolved around Hope Mikaelson. He also mentioned how several changes were made to the scripts and it felt like they were doing some other show. Definitely Legacies had a major impact on the final season of the Originals. While Plec claimed Legacies had nothing to do with Originals Season 5, but some facts say otherwise. It was pretty clear the show creators were already prioritizing Legacies before Originals was wrapped up.


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While Legacies has also proved to be a successful spin-off series. As the show is also set in the TVD Universe and the titular character is Hope Mikaelson. Fans assumed they would see their favorites from the Originals again in the Legacies which proved to be somewhat right. Characters such as Freya and Rebekah Mikaelson has made appearances on Legacies. But the main cast members such as Joseph Morgan have downright closed the door on appearing in the Legacies. Lots of fans expected to see the character of Klaus one more time in the Legacies. We did get numerous references to the character of Klaus.

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But fans wished to see Joseph Morgan in a flashback or even as a ghost which didn’t happen. Morgan has made it clear that he has no intention of appearing on Legacies because his character’s story arc has been finished and any further tampering would ruin the beauty of it. In an interview, Phoebe Tonkin who played Hayley Marshall said that her character’s story has been covered extensively in TVD and more thoroughly in the Originals. Legacies will have emphasis on new generation of characters and their stories so she doesn’t feel how Hayley would fit.


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The ending of the Originals saw Klaus and Elijah dying at the hands of each other. While it was surely bittersweet, seeing our beloved characters was heartbreaking, but at least they got to share one final moment with their loved ones. Julie Plec explained her decision to kill off Elijah and Klaus together saying how Elijah always found his way back to Klaus. Even in the final season, he lived an unencumbered life, but got back to Klaus. They both are co-dependent, they have seen the highs and lows together, that is the legacy of Klaus and Elijah. So it seemed perfect that should go together.

Plec Originally planned to kill both the Salvatores together, but the TVD ending changed, one brother died and other lived a long happy life. Plec also explained as to how Elijah had to live the guilt of him being responsible for the demise of Hayley. He cannot go back and live all happy and free. He has to redeem himself and make amends. Being by his brother’s side is his redemption. They both broke free of the curse of immortality together.

Danie Gillies also revealed in an interview as how he was surprised at the ending and questioned why his character Elijah is doing what he did. He found the ending of the Originals quite peculiar.

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