5 Interesting Facts About Relationships In The Originals


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The debate between Klaroline & Klamille is a never-ending one. Klaus’ relationship with Caroline in Vampire Diaries became one of the highlights of the show. The fans felt they were a perfect match even though there was a portion of fans who felt their relationship was simply toxic, there was no deep emotional connection, but only undeniable physical chemistry. Klaus was fascinated with Cami after she described an artist’s painting. It was her analysis of the artwork that caused Klaus to reflect on himself. He would compel Cami to not remember their meetings. When Klaus felt like he was becoming close to Cami, he tried his best to stop Cami from being caught in the midst of all the Supernatural chaos in New Orleans. But Cami wouldn’t leave Klaus’ side.

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She would stop Klaus from ending Mikael. She was the only one who trusted and stood by Klaus when everyone was manipulated by trickery of Dahlia. it is the only relationship that has not been consume-mated. Klaus was by Cami’s side when she passed away. He ensured that her last moments were peaceful. When Klaus was losing his mind in captivity, he hallucinated Cami who comforted him and gave him the strength to break free of the barrier. The actress who played Cami, Leah Pipes, received a ton of backlash and negative comments from fans more specifically the Klaroline fans who hated the idea of Klaus and Cami.


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Kol had a relationship with Mary Alice Claire who was the ancestor of Davina Claire. They both worked together in the ‘playhouse’, but Mary Ann locked the crypt, preventing access to Kol from accessing the magical items. Both Kol and Davina have plenty of similarities such as they both are rebellious and go against any establishment. They both have met their demises on more than one occasion and have managed to be resurrected. Interestingly, both of them indirectly They both are extremely talented when it comes to magic and spells.


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The relationship of Rebekah and Marcel has been through various ups and downs. For a majority of the reasons such as first, it was Klaus who kept them separated. He even offered Marcel a choice to choose Rebekah or become a vampire, Marcel choose vampirism. Similarly, there have been a couple of chances when they could have been together such as when Rebekah asked Marcel to leave together, but he turned down the offer. Eventually, they both denied removing Klaus from the equation so they called Mikael on him. When Klaus learned of it, he was disappointed, but he eventually forgave them both.

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