5 Interesting Facts About Stefan & Damon Salvatore’s Relationship

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Stefan and Damon Salvatore’s relationship has been through numerous ups and downs. When the show first started, the brothers shared an antagonistic relationship. Damon returned to Mystic Falls and promised to cause chaos in Stefan’s life, and make it miserable. Although their relationship was not like that always, they were best friends at a time, but it was the entry of Katherine Pierce into their lives that caused a rift in the relationship between the brothers. The show would place the brother’s relationship as the centerpiece in Seasons 7 and 8. Some fans believe that the entire TVD is the tale of the brothers which is evident from the final moments of the show in which we see Stefan and Damon embracing each other. It goes to show the significance of their relationship in the TVD Universe.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About Stefan & Damon Salvatore’s Relationship


5 Interesting Facts About Stefan & Damon Salvatore's Relationship
The CW

TVD Universe featured plenty of sibling relationships in all three shows which became the driving force of the plot. Whether it’s Stefan-Damon, Klaus-Elijah, or Lizzie-Josie, all of these characters were the leads of their respective shows and a lot of their character development came from their relationship with their sibling. Interestingly, it’s Stefan & Damon’s bond that set the framework for the element of the sibling relationship. The idea is that one sibling is relatively good, mature, and stable whereas another is somewhat bad, chaotic, and impulsive. If you look at Klaus & Elijah’s relationship, it is very similar to the Salvatores. Elijah is like Stefan and Klaus is like Damon. The character of Elijah didn’t exist in the books and so the relationship with Klaus was non-existent in novels, but the spin-off took a whole different direction, seeing what worked with TVD, they replicated it.

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5 Interesting Facts About Stefan & Damon Salvatore's Relationship
The CW

Vampire Diaries wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the ‘doppelgangers’ story arc. nearly all the significant events that have happened in the TVD Universe has some connection to a doppelganger. Silas & Amara’s immortality gave birth to the doppelgangers, Amara is the progenitor of the Petrova doppelganger bloodline. Petrovas always shared an interesting connection with the Salvatores (Including Damon). Katherine Pierce broke the bond between the brothers by manipulating them and eventually turning them into vampires. Interestingly, Elena Gilbert who is also a Petrova Doppelganger became the main reason for the brothers to reconnect their old bond. In trying to protect Elena, Stefan and Damon became closer again.


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