5 Interesting Facts About The Akshay Kumar Starrer Film “Kesari”

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Akshay Kumar is the Khiladi of Bollywood and is the most versatile actor we have today. No one in this industry can match his dedication towards work and he has proved himself to be the best actor of Bollywood who achieved everything on his own will. He has done films of every genre till now and in all the films he has given his best performance.

But today we’re not here to discuss or know about Akshay Kumar but his film which is based on a true and tragic story “Kesari”. This film will release on 21st of March and people are going crazy after watching its trailer. So let’s start and know about this film and its different aspects.

So take a look down below at the 5 interesting facts which will make you watch this film!

1. The Akshay Kumar starrer film “Kesari” is actually based on a real life battle which was fought between 21 Sikh soldiers of the British Indian Army and against the 10,000 tribesmen of Afghan Orakzai. This battle took place on 12th September,1897.

5 Interesting Facts About The Akshay Kumar Starrer Film "Kesari"

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2. Akshay Kumar will portray the character of Havildar Ishar Singh and he was the leader of the Sikh Regiment. Under his leadership the other 20 Sikh soldiers decided to risk their lives to save the Lokhart and Gulistan forts against the Afghan enemies.

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