5 Interesting Facts About The Best Episodes Of The Vampire Diaries


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  • The episode borrows several elements from the TVD books. The episode features an attack on the residents of the town by an army of the ghosts which is led by Kol Mikaelson. The events are inspired by the books Dark Reunion, The Fury, and The Hunters.
  • In the book Fury, Elena and Kathine fight it out for the last time. But due to the sunlight, both of them end up dying. However, Elena returns later in the book Dark Reunion whereas in the final moments of this episode, Elena and Katherine fight it out, with Elena pushing the cure down the throat of Katherine, making her a human.
  • This episode also reveals the true appearance of Silas, we come to know that Stefan Salvatore is a doppelganger of Silas. Both of them fight out, with Stefan being locked down in a safe.
  • Elena makes up her mind by choosing Damon to be partner in this episode. This episode contrasts with Season 3 finale where Elena chose to be Stefan, but due to the accident caused by Rebekah, she ends up becoming a vampire.
  • This episode also marks the return of Klaus Mikaelson who returns in time to save the Mystic Falls Gang, he grants Tyler Lockwood his freedom as a token of gift for Caroline Forbes.


5 Interesting Facts About The Best Episodes Of The Vampire Diaries
The CW
  • Did you know the title of this episode could be a reference to the 1991 role-playing game titled Vampire: The Masquerade. The game was released by White Wolf Publishing and it is set in the modern world where the vampires are known as ‘Kindred’.
  • It is also one of the episodes where Nina Dobrev has more screen time as Katherine than Elena. This episode also is the last episode to feature Katherine as a major antagonist, a role she would resume in Season 8 finale.
  • This is the episode where Tyler Lockwood triggers his werewolf gene. Caroline comforts Tyler and supports him through his transition. In the books, Caroline becomes the mother of Tyler’s Child and she eventually becomes a werewolf. However, in the show, Tyler and Caroline break up in the later season.


5 Interesting Facts About The Best Episodes Of The Vampire Diaries
The CW

Like the title of the episode, this episode features the first appearance of Joseph Morgan in the role of Klaus Mikaelson. This episode reveals several important things such as Klaus and Elijah and brothers. It also reveals that Klaus is not just an Original Vampire, but also the first Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid. Most importantly, it is revealed that the Sun and Moon Curse is fake. We learn the truth is that the werewolf side of Klaus Mikaelson has been suppressed by a witch which prevents him from becoming an over powerful entity.

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