5 Interesting Facts About The Cast Of Supernatural

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Not only is the Supernatural show legendary, but so are its characters. The Winchesters are iconic and are ranked among the greatest brother pairs in TV show history. Not just Sam & Dean, but even the supporting characters are pretty popular and widely known. Characters such as Crowley, Bobby, Castiel, and lot more have also globally known due to their signature catchphrases, dressing styles, and their larger than life personalities. But what if these actors had never gotten the roles that made their a world wide star? What if Jared never played the character of Sam Winchester? Would the role of Sam Winchester still be that popular? Did you know that Jensen is responsible for Jeffrey Morgan meeting the love of his life. There are numerous interesting and unknown facts and trivia about this amazing cast of the show.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Cast Of Supernatural


5 Interesting Facts About The Cast Of Supernatural
The CW

Jared Padalecki has worked in numerous successful shows such as Gilmore Girls, Walker, and of course Supernatural. His performance as Dean on the show Gilmore Girls earned him the mainstream attention and launched his career. But it was Supernatural which actually made him the global sensation. Apart from shows, the actor has worked in successful films such as Friday the 13th, House of Wax, among the others. The original choice for the role of Sam Winchester was Jensen Ackles who even read the lines for the character of Sam, but eventually convinced the producers and creators that he is more fitting for the role of Dean.

When Jared Padalecki auditioned for the role of Sam Winchester, he couldn’t convince the creator Eric Kripke and the producers that he is the right candidate for the role of Sam. Eric Kripke was looking for someone who looks intelligent enough to justify the role of Sam. Jared gave an impression of someone who isn’t that intellectual and clever. The producers and the creators weren’t aware of the academic credentials of Jared, his manager called them back and told them how Jared missed one Maths question in SATs, he is a National Merit Scholar which convinced them to give him a second chance. Jared hit the ball out of the park in the second chance. He now understood what Kripke was looking for, he epitomized the character of Sam Winchester, and everyone was sold.


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