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Misha Collins is a published writer. He has co-written a cookbook along with his wife Vicki which is titled ‘The Adventurous Eaters Club’. His first poetry book titled ‘Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You’ was published in 2021 and it comprised of all his written poems. Once Misha was trying to read a book, but couldn’t find proper light source to be able to read the book. He made a bad decision of climbing the top of the bank which was full of lights. The actor only wanted to read the book, but the police and the authorities believed that he was trying to rob the bank. He was detained and would be released a day later after explaining the entire situation. He shared the entire story here. Do check out.

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Did you know that Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has matching tattoos which they got at JDM’s wedding. Even though Jeffrey Dean played the father of Jensen (Dean) on the screen, they shared a father-son dynamic. But in reality, they are pretty good friends and they have an age gap of only 12 years. Still they managed to pull off the father-son relationship on the screen. Another interesting fact is that Jensen Ackles is the reason how JDM was able to met Hilarie Burton who would become the future wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Hilarie has been good friends with Jensen and his wife Danneel. As both Danneel Harris and Hilarie Burton starred on One Tree Hill. So one day Jensen convinced JDM to go on a double date with Hilarie and the duo of him and Danneel.


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Jared Padalecki is no short of a warrior. he has overcome several adversities in his life, and is a great role model for all those who need some inspiration. In 2015, Jared began the campaign named ‘Always Keep Fighting’ which supports everyone who struggles with mental illnesses and struggle. The actor publicly talked about his battle with depression.  Along with Jensen, the second campaign for ‘Always Keep Fighting’ featured a t-shirt featuring the faces of both their faces which sold over 70K shirts. In 2022, Jared has been involved in an accident which could have been disastrous. But the actor was lucky enough to come out of it without major harm. The actor gave an update where he thanked everyone for their support and he soon returned to filming.


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Jared Padalecki is the real life Sam Winchester. Not only is he a great actor, but he is also a pretty sharp and intelligent guy who has numerous academic accolades. Jared was a candidate for the 2000 National Scholars Program and also the the winner of the National Forensic League. He originally wanted to do a double Engineering degree at the university of Texas, but he instead chose to focus only on acting and moved to LA. Jensen Ackles is an accomplished and pretty successful actor, but he once had the idea of becoming a physical therapist. He wanted to study the sports medicine at the esteemed Texas University.

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