5 Interesting Facts About The Cast Of The Originals!


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Claire holds the achievement of appearing across all the shows of the TVD Universe, playing the same character of Rebekah Mikaelson.

  • Did you know Claire Holt is best friends with Phoebe Tonkin. Both of them worked together on the H2O: Just Add Water in their teenage years which gave them their first major break. Claire played a mermaid on the show and her character named was Emma Gilbert which is interesting because she shared an antagonistic relationship with Elena Gilbert on Vampire Diaries.
  • Claire Holt is a woman of many talents. She likes playing sports such as water polo, volleyball, and even holds a black belt in the Tae Kwon Do martial arts. In her leisure time, she likes playing musical instruments such as guitar, piano, along with singing.


The CW

Phoebe Tonkin made her TVD debut in Season 4 as Hayley Marshall. She would soon go on to play a major role in the Originals when she became the mother of Klaus’ child.

  • Phoebe has played a mermaid in H2O: Just Add Water, a witch in ‘The Secret Circle’, and a werewolf in Vampire Diaries. It was due to her time on The Secret Circle which was produced by Kevin Williamson, she was asked to come to TVD.
  • Phoebe Tonkin shares a deep friendship with Claire Holt. When Phoebe was coming to Atlanta, she informed about the news to Claire Holt who screamed in excitement. She also considers Rebekah to be one of the best TVD characters.
  • Did you know that Phoebe has been involved in a relationship with Paul Wesley who played Stefan Salvatore on the Vampire Diaries. They have appeared together in Originals Season 3 episode ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.


The CW

Joseph Morgan’s Klaus Mikaelson is probably the most loved antagonist in the history of television.

  • His character was supposed to be written off in Season 3, but the popularity and craze of the actor convinced the creators to keep him around.
  • Joseph Morgan is married to Persia White (Abby Bennett, mother of Bonnie), he met her while working on the Vampire Diaries.
  • In the past, Joseph made it clear that he would never appear on the Legacies as it would devalue the character arc and sacrifice of Klaus. But when presented with the opportunity to appear in the Legacies finale, he was convinced that it was the right thing to do and he appeared in a brief cameo. Joseph Morgan has joined the list of few actors who have made appearances across all three shows; Vampire Diaries, Originals, and Legacies.
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