5 Interesting Facts About The First Season Of Supernatural


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural Season 1 is where it all started. In 2005, Supernatural started its epic journey when two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester set out on a trip to find their missing father. But little did they know, they would be caught up in a world of Supernatural that will change their lives forever. After Sam loses his girlfriend Jessica, he returns back to the hunting life which he left behind to study at Stanford.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About Supernatural Season 1


5 Interesting Facts About The First Season Of Supernatural
The CW

It was only after the success of the first 4 episodes that the WB network decided to order the show for a complete season comprising of 22 episodes. The first season premiered on the WB Network whereas the later seasons were moved to the CW Network. Interestingly the first 16 episodes were slated to the 9 PM Tuesday slot but was later moved to 9 PM Thursday slot. Did you know the pilot episode of the show was seen by a total number of 5.69 million viewers. Whereas the first season of the show was viewed by an estimated number of 3.81 million viewers.

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5 Interesting Facts About The First Season Of Supernatural
The CW

While everyone knows that the main premise of the show is about the boys searching for their missing dad, John Winchester. But the first ten episodes of the series consist of stand-alone stories which are concluded at the end of the episode. The first season consisted of standalone episodes featuring villains based on the popular urban legends such as La Llorona, The Hitchhiker, Hook Man, and several others. It wasn’t until the eleventh episode when the main mythology of the show begins with the introduction of a demon, the storyline slowly moves further with the introduction of Colt, the yellow-eyed demon.


The CW

Did you know that Supernatural is not only influenced by the popular urban legends and supernatural mythologies, but it takes inspiration from the pop culture too. Several of the villains are inspired by the popular movie creatures and villains such as Kripke took the inspiration from ‘An American Werewolf In London’ transformation in the episode ‘Skin’. The villain Mary borrows certain elements from the villain Samara of the Ring. Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, the Wendigo creature is based on a creature appearing in the song ‘Come to Daddy’ by Aphex Twin.


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