5 Interesting Facts About The First Season Of Supernatural


5 Interesting Facts About The First Season Of Supernatural
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Did you know the original conception of the show involved two reporters traveling in a van while fighting different sort of Supernatural threats and discovering the truth. But it was later changed to the main characters being brothers after the network didn’t like the idea of the reporters.

Also, the names were Dean and Sal, with the last name of the brothers being Harrison. But due to a conflict of there being an actual Sam Harrison in Kansas, they chanced the last name to Winchester. The name of their father was Jack Winchester, but again due to the existence of a Jack Winchester in Kansas, the name was changed to John Winchester.

Also, the Original ‘Baby’, the car chosen for the show was ’65 Mustang as it is a powerful car, but Eric Kripke’s neighbor influenced him in changing it to the ’67 Impala as it would seem like a car in the trunk of which you could store weapons.


The CW

There were several major changes made to the pilot episode. Such as originally they planned that Sam and Dean Winchesters would be raised by their uncle & aunt, and when Dean comes seeking the help of Sam Winchester in locating their missing father. Sam is totally unaware about the existence of the Supernatural World, Dean would have to convince his younger brother. However, this all sounded too complicated therefore the premise was modified. Had they chosen the idea of introducing an aunt or uncle, it would have expanded the Winchester Family, but during the fifteen seasons of the show, we are never introduced to any other Winchester Family members other than John, Mary, and Henry.

Another major change that was made to the story was Jessica not being a demon. Originally, they planned Jessica to be a demon who would deceive Sam and thus resulting in him returning back to the Hunter’s life. Also, there were some other potential ideas such as John meeting a tragic fate instead of Jessica in the pilot episode. There was another idea where Dean is the one who eliminates his father John. They made the right choice of Jessica being a human and meeting her tragic fate in the pilot episode, in the similar fashion to Sam’s mother Mary Winchester. This heartbreak and loss gave Sam the motivation to seek revenge against the Azazel and get back on the road again. Interestingly, in Season 5 premiere episode, Lucifer appears to Sam in the form of Jessica. Thus in a sort of way Jessica being a demon also came true.

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