5 Interesting Facts About The Hunters From Supernatural

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While Supernatural is full of ‘Supernatural’ creatures such as werewolves, demons, wendigos, vampires, ghosts, and lot more other species. While these creatures manage to keep their existence a secret, but often times they end up causing damage to the humans. Speaking of humans, a big majority is unaware about the existence of any sort of supernatural entity, but there are a handful who have looked beyond the veil, they have experienced the truth, they know the reality of the Supernatural. Some humans who have seen this truth made their life’s purpose to protect others from the evil of the Supernatural beings. These people learned and acquired a very unique set of skills which allows them to hunt such beings. They are known as the hunters. While mostly a human chooses to become a hunter after experiencing a personal tragedy and seeking revenge, and the cycle of revenge keeps on going.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Hunters From Supernatural


The CW

Over the course of the show, we have witnessed that a human chooses the hunter’s life after experiencing a major tragedy such as losing a loved one to the Supernatural. For example, John became a hunter after the death of Mary, he discovered the real cause of her demise, and spent his entire life seeing revenge. Bobby became a hunter after his wife was possessed by a demon.

5 Interesting Facts About The Hunters From Supernatural
The CW

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Even though a person has exacted the revenge, but he cannot let go of the hunter’s lifestyle, he remains a hunter for life. Even though there are exceptions of people who retired. Often times, these hunters train their children in the art of Supernatural so they could protect themselves when the creatures come seeking revenge. Such children are never left with a choice and are forced to grow into the hunter’s life. Sam & Dean never wanted to be hunters, but John pushed them into this life. John’s mission to kill Azazel would then become the goal of Sam & Dean’s life. Such training and passing on the Supernatural skills and information often results in a hunter family such as the Mills Family (Jodie, Claire, Alex), or the Harvelles (Jo & Ellen), Styne Family could also be listed as a hunter family.


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