5 Interesting Facts About The Originals Characters And Actors


Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Originals is much more mature and serious when compared to TVD. Thousand years old vampires trying to reclaim a city that brought them happiness, success, and fortune.

So Take A Look at 5 Interesting Facts About The Originals Characters And Actors


5 Interesting Facts About The Originals Characters And Actors
The CW

While the majority of people believe that ‘Always and Forever is the first episode of the TVD spin-off television series called ‘The Originals’. But actually, there are a couple of versions of the first episode of the Originals. There’s an episode titled ‘Pilot’ which is the episode that precedes ‘Always and Forever. This particular episode takes place after TVD ‘Pictures of You’ and it is told from Elijah Mikaelson’s point of view. Even though the basic premise of the episode is similar to TVD’s episode ‘The Originals’ which involves Klaus Mikaelson returning to the city of New Orleans after learning that a witch is plotting against him. Elijah follows Klaus and discovers that the witches hold Hayley in captivity who carries the child of Klaus in her womb. Elijah tries convincing Klaus to protect Hayley and make their dream of family come true.

While TVD Season 4 Episode ‘The Originals’ which served as the backdoor pilot is pretty similar to the unaired pilot episode, except ‘The Originals’ centers mainly around Klaus Mikaelson. The unaired pilot never aired on TV but was published on the website of CW Network. It is titled the zero number episode as it was not officially aired. And the episode ‘Always and Forever’ which is the first episode of the Originals uses a significant amount of footage from the Unaired Pilot/The Originals.

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5 Interesting Facts About The Originals Characters And Actors
The CW

Did you know there’s a web series called ‘The Originals: Awakening’ which actually ties to the story of the second season of Originals. It focuses on the Original Vampire Kol Mikaelson and the events that happened in 1914. How the Kol joined forces with the French Quarter witches to get back at Klaus. It also sheds light on the relationship dynamic between Kol and Mary Alice Claire, the ancestor of Davina Claire. The web series consists of four episodes which are nearly 2 minutes long. These web episodes answer several episodes as to how the dark objects were created which played a significant role in Originals. The story and episodes which are almost 8 minutes long were originally supposed to be part of Originals Season 2, but when they were cut out. These flashbacks were released in the form of web episodes.


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