5 Interesting Facts About The Relationships In The Show Supernatural


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The fans of the show have come up with the term ‘Destiel’ referring to the relationship between Dean Winchester and Castiel. Their relationship sort of started in Season 4 when Castiel raised Dean from the perdition. He was assigned the duty by heaven to watch over Dean and he didn’t fail his duty right until the end. There have been numerous moments they shared together such as when Castiel was given a mixt-ape by Dean Winchester or when he watched a movie with Dean. Dean considered Castiel to be family. Although as per the actor Jensen Ackles who played Dean Winchester, he was unsure if Castiel who is an angel is capable of experiencing the emotions such as ‘love’ in the same way as the humans. Interestingly, The South American Dub of the episode ‘Despair’ has the dialogues ‘Yo a ti, Cas’ which translates to ‘And I to you, Cas’ implying that Dean reciprocates.

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Sam Winchester has a tragic luck when it comes to relationship with women. A lot of his romantic partners have met tragic fate. When Dean was taken to the underworld, Sam developed a relationship with Ruby who manipulated him. Interestingly, the onscreen relationship translated to real relationship as Jared fell in love with Genevieve who played the second iteration of the demon Ruby. A strange coincidence is that Sam Winchester had a romantic dream involving Bela (Lauren Cohan). Interestingly, Lauren originally auditioned for the role of Ruby.


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The Winchesters have allied themselves with supernatural beings of different species. They have worked with archangels such as Lucifer, Michael, and Gabriel. Out of all the archangels, they shared a cordial relationship with Gabriel who has always worked for the greater good and even sacrificed himself while helping the Winchesters. Even the Supernatural beings such as Crowley and Castiel have allied and sacrificed themselves for the boys.

It is a known fact that the humans who have associated themselves with the Winchesters have met a tragic fate. Numerous allies such as Adam, Jo, Ellen, Charlie, and Kevin ended up meeting their demises while trying to help out the boys with their troubles. Although not every human met such fate. Humans such as Jody Mils and Donna who weren’t aware about the existence of Supernatural, but learned about the hunting world through the boys and participated on hunts with them survived.

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