5 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Villains

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Every great story needs a villain, a hero can truly raise to the status of great heroism when he is confronted by adversities which are due to the antagonists. Supernatural in its fifteen seasons featured plenty of villains, from the daily monster of the week to the omnipotent Chuck Shurley AKA God, the Winchesters have faced hundreds of the villains belonging to different species; some are demons, some are angels, and there are humans too who managed to cause Winchesters great deal of harm. As the direction of the show changed, the storylines progressed and the focus shifted from villains such as Azazel who was initially considered the big bad, but later we learn that he’s only a pawn in the grand scheme of things. It was the archangel Lucifer who was the endgame, but then we discovered that it was Chuck who orchestrated all the events that have occurred since the beginning of the show.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Villains


The CW

Azazel is the big bad villain of the first two seasons. He was known by the name of ‘Yellow-Eyed’ Demon who was tasked with creating an army for Lucifer and to ensure the freedom of Lucifer from the captivity. Azazel is the first major villain to be eliminated by Dean Winchester using the Colt, Dean would also become the reason for the demise of other major antagonists of the SPN seasons such as Roman, Lucifer, and Abaddon. He is a Prince of Hell, he is way above in the demon hierarchy than most of the demons. Azazel showed immunity to the holy water and devil’s trap, and he was the one who possessed a reaper named Tessa in Season 2. It is something we haven’t seen any other demon do since then.

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5 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Villains
The CW

Lucifer is the main antagonist of the Eric Kripke’s SPN story. From tempting the humans to taste the forbidden fruit to creating a demon race, and causing the apocalypse through his battle against Michael. Even though the full blown apocalypse never happened the way fans expected, but archangel Michael has been responsible for the demise of Lucifer on two difference occasions. Interestingly, Lucifer is also the only character that has been portrayed by majority of the actors, nearly 14 actors played this character.


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