5 Interesting Facts About The Vampire Species

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. TVD Universe consists of numerous supernatural creatures, but the most central and significant species is the vampires. The main protagonists of Vampire Diaries and Originals are Vampires. The history and lore of this species has also been explored in quite a detail on the show. The Vampires came into existence due to a magical spell performed by Esther, they are reanimated corpses of the humans who are occupied by the spirits of the individual who is deceased. They need a diet of blood in order to survive. A vampire can turn a human into their kind using their blood. All the vampires came into existence from the Originals, the Mikaelsons who were magically transformed into the vampires.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Vampire Species


5 Interesting Facts About The Vampire Species
The CW

The oldest vampire in the TVD Universe is Rebekah Mikaelson while the oldest normal vampire is Aurora De Martel. Interestingly, Aurora is a member of the Rebekah’s sireline. Aurora is also the first female vampire to be ever sired in the TVD Universe. She also has the unlucky achievement of being the first vampire who was compelled by an Original. Aurora learned the truth about Klaus and wanted to become like him, to become strong, but Klaus rejected her plea. She tricked Rebekah in feeding her blood and eventually became a vampire. Elijah was the first Original vampire who unintentionally ended up compelling Aurora. Both Rebekah and Aurora have made appearances on Legacies Season 4.


5 Interesting Facts About The Vampire Species
The CW

While at the end of the Legacies, Klaus redeemed himself by sacrificing himself for the greater good. When his character was introduced in TVD, he was the big bad villain. A character whose reputation preceded him, his arrival resulted in chaos and destruction. But by the third season, Klaus transformed himself into a fan favorite character on the Vampire Diaries. It was his popularity that earned him a separate show in the form of Originals. But as we explored his backstory and the notoriety he earned.

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Klaus has committed numerous crimes and atrocities in his long life as an Original. He has tortured the innocents, slaughtered the communities, and didn’t hesitate in hurting anyone who stood against him. He once turned a man into a vampire and compelled him to consume his wife. In another incident, he turned a woman into a vampire just because she was coughing due to an illness.


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