5 Interesting Facts About The Winchester Family From The Supernatural!

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Winchester Family is a legendary family in the Supernatural. The main protagonists of the show, it’s a family of supernatural hunters whose bloodlines originated from Cain and Abel. Mary belonged to the family of Hunters whereas John came from the bloodline of Men of Letters. Mary’s parents Deanna and Samuel were hunters and she was raised in this lifestyle. But she gave up hunter’s life after the demon Azazel killed her parents. Mary married John and had kids with him, her life was returned to normal until Azazel returned back into her life and started feeding his blood to Sam, she was killed by Azazel.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Winchester Family From The Supernatural!


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The Winchesters loved Impala. John Winchester bought the Impala after being influenced by Dean who arrived from the future. Then the car was passed to Dean who got it as a birthday present. When Dean was in hell or trapped in Purgatory, Sam took the ownership of the car. John Winchester son Adam also learned to drive the Impala. Henry Winchester who time traveled tried stealing the car without realizing the car’s relationship with his family. Jack, the honorary member of the family has also driven the car.

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Another interesting fact about the Winchesters is that they have time traveled into the past and future. Dean has traveled the most out of all the Winchesters. He has not only traveled into the past 5 times, but also traveled into an alternate universe where Lucifer has possessed Sam. Sam traveled twice along with Dean. Henry Winchester traveled to the future while being on the run from Abaddon, he died in the present time after being wounded. This is the reason why he never returned back to John. And finally John traveled to the future where he was reunited with his grown up sons and his dead wife who has been resurrected. While the Winchesters have done the time traveling numerous times, they have the memory of the encounter whereas the characters such as Mary, John whom they encountered in the past have no recollection of the events as their memories were erased by Michael. Time travel is indeed tricky, don’t you guys think? Imagine if they had the recollection of the events, things could have gone differently.


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