5 Interesting Facts Related To Supernatural Hell

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural introduced us to various different realms and dimensions. The first major dimension we were introduced to was the hell. A spiritual realm where the souls are trapped and punished for the sins and mistakes they committed. All the human souls who somehow end up in this realm are punished and tortured until their humanity has been eradicated. Once the humanity is gone, these souls would end up becoming the demons. This realm is such a terrible place that even the demons who work for hell are terrified of the place. The souls who transformed into demons had no choice, they wanted the punishment to be stopped, and therefore gave up. They have long forgotten who they were once, they only remember the pain and torment, and their lives as a demon. Lucifer has been the king and ruler of hell, but in his absence and imprisonment, several other people took the charge. Azazel was once in charge, but after his demise, Lilith and Alastair were the ones in power. After their death, Crowley became the undisputed king of hell.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts Related To Supernatural Hell


5 Interesting Facts Related To Supernatural Hell
The CW

Hellhounds are the monstrous creatures, the ferocious pitbulls who serve demons and cause an excess amount of fear in not only humans, but they terrify angels too. The purpose of hellhounds is to come and collect the souls of the humans who made a deal with a demon. They can only be seen by the only souls whom the hellhounds have come to claim. In Season 15 episode ‘Golden Time’ we learn that hellhounds can give their victims a direct ticket to hell even if their victims have never made a deal with the demon and are entirely innocent souls. There’s still a question as to who created them, Chuck or Lilith? Only a few characters in SPN Universe have survived these beasts, they are Sam, Dean, and Meg.

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5 Interesting Facts Related To Supernatural Hell
The CW

We were once told that once a person soul has been banished to hell, there’s no way they can ever get to heaven. Even if they escape from the hell, they are not allowed in heaven. However, Bobby and John are two souls who initially went to hell but were able to find a place in heaven. But we learn from Belphegor that Chuck did it because of the Winchesters. Chuck banished the soul of Kevin Tran to hell and lied about it. But it looks like, the new God Jack, made several major changes in the structure and rules of hell and heaven in the end. Even Dean was able to find a place in heaven even though he had been to hell.


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