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Did you know that the original hell was something far more different and sinister. The plan was to showcase Dean being placed in a nasty and terrifying slaughterhouse as he hangs from piercing hooks. However, after Kim Manner, Ivan Hayden, and Eric Kripke discussed it through and they came up with the current version of hell that we saw in the episode. The idea was to make the realm of hell more vague and ambiguous, instead of giving it all. They wanted to leave it to the people’s imagination.


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It is not known who rules the dominion of hell since its creation. As Lucifer is the father of the demons, he created a demonic army to challenge God. But he was subsequently trapped in the cage where he remained for eons. The first rules of hell that we could remember is Azazel, it’s not known who ruled before him. After the demise of Azazel, the White Eyed Lilith took the reins for two years until Lucifer returned after being freed from the cage. Lucifer ruled for less than a year before he was sent back to the cage. Crowley saw the vacuum and took the opportunity, he made several major changes in hell, and the realm prospered under his control. The Knight of Hell Abaddon returned to challenge Crowley for the control of hell, but Crowley with the help of Winchesters emerged victorious. Crowley’s mistake allowed Lucifer to return and took over hell again. After the death of Crowley and Lucifer being trapped in AU, Asmodeus returned to the scene and controlled hell. And finally, Rowena became the Queen of the hell.


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There are many innocent and undeserving souls who end up in hell such as Kevin, Eileen, Jo, and Ellen. While John and Dean went to hell because of the deal they made with a demon to protect their loved ones. Every soul is tortured in hell until they forget their humanity and become a demon. When Dean couldn’t take the punishment anymore, he gave in to the deal made by Alastair, this act resulted in the breaking of the first seal which started the apocalypse. Now there’s an obvious question, it said that the first seal will be broken when a righteous man sheds blood. So there are numerous other men in hell apart from Dean & John in hell who could have spilled the blood. Why didn’t Alastair or Azazel offered the deal to them? Or does this apply to the Winchester bloodline only? Then it would make more sense. We know very well that the Winchesters are the heart of everything that happens in the Supernatural Universe.

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