5 Interesting Facts Related To The Beginning Of Vampire Diaries.


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Well, Delena was supposed to happen. However, it wasn’t supposed to happen that early. Damon and Elena’s relationship wasn’t supposed to take place in the first three seasons. The show started with Stefan quickly began dating Elena as they both develop a profound connection. But slowly, their relationship starts going through a rough patch. Although Delena officially began in Season 4, but one cannot deny, Elena & Damon’s chemistry was evident in Season 1 whereas Seasons 2 & 3 had the foundation for Delena. Julie Plec explained how there was a greater force at play in Season 2 that brought Elena and Damon together. One would be surprised to know that the writers consciously made every possible attempt to separate the two, they came up with storylines and moments that would make the bond between Stefan & Elena stronger. But it kept bringing Delena more closer.

Plec and the team were surprised as to how the fans were gravitating towards Damon & Elena even though Damon was supposed to be this bad guy. The fans were pushing Damon and Elena to become a thing. Their support forced the creators to turn Damon into a protagonist. Plec explained the rationale as Elena can only be with Damon when she is a vampire. Even though the fans could forgive all the crimes of Damon, but the character of Elena (human) cannot look the other way because it goes against what she stood for. Ultimately, this is what happened as Delena became official when Elena was transformed into a vampire.


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Shakespeare once said, what’s in a name? Well, in the case of TVD, things would have been very different, had they chosen to retain the names of the characters from the books. Matt Donovan is Matt Honeycutt in the books whereas Bonnie Bennett’s book counterpart is Bonnie McCullough, Tyler Lockwood is Tyler Smallwood, and Meredith Fell is Meredith Sulez. Whereas Katherine Pierce’s book counterpart is Katherine Von Swartzschild, glad they changed her name for the show. It’s not just the characters who underwent such a drastic change, even the town where TVD takes place has been changed. In the novel, the story takes place in Fell’s Church, a town that is the hub for all sorts of supernatural phenomena. But this name was changed to Mystic Falls in the show for Julie Plec explained in an interview how the name Fell’s Church felt something too related to spirituality & religion. They intentionally didn’t want TVD to be a show which centers on heaven & hell only. There’s more to the show. Ultimately, Mystic Falls was chosen randomly.

Also, both Damon and Stefan had the last name ‘Whitmore’. Even the original script of the show had the name ‘Whitmore’ for the brothers. However, they eventually decided ot use their original last name from the books. Julie revealed how in the beginning they were trying to avoid the ‘Italian’ name Salvatore and use something appealing to the American audiences. However, she later admitted how wrong they were.

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