5 Interesting Little Details In Supernatural That Fans Have Missed


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A Reddit user has presented an interesting theory. In Supernatural Season 4, Chuck appears as the Prophet who is writing the future of the Winchesters. The Boys trying to avoid the word of Chuck, but it all ends up coming true. When they learn that Lilith is coming for Sam, Dean seeks the help of Castiel who declines any assistance. But Dean gives a moving speech which somewhat touches Castiel. Cas hesitates at first, but he reveals to Dean about the connection between Archangels and Prophets, the angels are tasked with protecting a prophet at any cost, and would destroy any threat which comes near him. This is how Dean gets the solution of dealing with Lilith.

Interestingly, when Dean visits Chuck, he is surprised to see the Winchester there and says ‘I didn’t write that’. This is the evidence of the free will in this SPN Universe. This is also the first time when Chuck’s plans are messed due to the interference of Castiel. Cas was never supposed to defer from his path, it was only in this universe where Castiel acted differently. In all other universes, Castiel stayed true to the plans of God. His free will allowed him to make the choices which eventually affected the destinies of everyone involved in the Universe. In S15E17, Chuck even reveals that this particular Castiel is only one who rebelled and disobyed his plan whereas other versions of Castiel always remained loyal.

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In Supernatural Season 3 Episode 10 ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’, The boys use African dreamroot to enter the dream world of Bobby to help him. In this episode, Dean sees a dream of seeing Lisa who’s having a picnic basket and she tells him that they have to pick up Ben. Whereas in the same episode, Sam experiences the dream of kissing Bela and then it escalating into a passionate string of moments. Kripke revealed that the contrasting dreams depict the personalities of the Winchesters. Sam might appear to be all soft on the outside, but he is pretty ‘hard’ on the inside whereas Dean’s dream symbolizes his ‘soft’ desire of having a family and being settled. The same episode also features a dream sequence where Dean confronts a dream version of him who demeans him. Dean sees the vision of a Dean with black eyes symbolizing the demon Dean. Interestingly, sixth seasons later this would come true when Dean is transformed into a Demon in Season 9 finale.


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Dean has always worn the amulet which was given to him by Sam and was later used by Castiel to locate God. In S2E10 episode which takes place in an alternate reality created by Djinns where Sam and Dean doesn’t share a close bond, they are distant. In this episode, Dean doesn’t wear the amulet. The reason being is simple, in this reality John never turned to hunting and never met Bobby. It was actually Bobby who gave the amulet to Sam who would then give it to Dean.

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