5 Interesting Supernatural Facts That Only The Crazy Fans Are Aware Of

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural has ended, but the craze of the show will last forever among the fans. Fans are extremely passionate about this amazing show that they never miss a chance to express their love through their fan fiction stories, hilarious memes, and videos. While if you are a crazy Supernatural fanatic then you might know a whole lot about the show. The stories behind the scenes shared by the actors, the inside information, and engaging trivia that the regular fans don’t know. We love Winchesters and we never miss a chance to connect with these characters through news articles, memes, and content related to them.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Supernatural Facts That Only The Crazy Fans Are Aware Of


5 Interesting Supernatural Facts That Only The Crazy Fans Are Aware Of
The CW

Apart from the Winchesters, another character that has become an integral part of the show is Castiel. Initially started as a guest star and would later become a regular main character. Castiel is an angel who we fell in love with, the moment he introduced himself as the one who raised Dean, we became a fan of this trench coat wearing baby face angel. But did you know the angel’s character was originally planned to last only three episodes, but his popularity, connection with the fans, and the response the character received, forced the creators to expand his storyline which would later result in him becoming a core member of the Supernatural cast. After Eric Kripke decided to include the angels alongside Demons in his show. As the angels and the archangels featured on the Supernatural has an actual mythological basis. But did you know the name Castiel for the trench coat angel came surprisingly, Eric Kripke made a google search with the keywords ‘Angel of Thursdays’ as Supernatural aired on Thursday initially. This led to the discovery of Castiel.

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5 Interesting Supernatural Facts That Only The Crazy Fans Are Aware Of
The CW

While Dean and Sam’s love life wasn’t anything short of tragic on the show. Dean never got to live a normal average guy life. Sam did got the normal life in the end, but then again the Winchesters’ normal is relative. While the Winchesters never had a BBQ with a cold one along with the wives on a weekend. But in reality Jensen and Jared’s family are close, they would spend the vacation together. Another interesting fact is that both of the lead actors’ wives have played a significant role on the Supernatural. Jared’s wife starred as the demon Ruby who betrayed Sam, and Jensen’s wife Daneel played the role of an angel named Anael. Not just their wives, but other members from Jensen’s family has also made Supernatural appearances. Jensen’s sister, dad, and cousin brother have all appeared on the show in small guest roles. Isn’t that really interesting? Supernatural is definitely a family show.


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