5 Interesting Supernatural Facts That Only The Crazy Fans Are Aware Of


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Season 9 finale saw Dean fighting Metatron who ends up stabbing Dean. But here’s the catch, Dean had the mark of Cain which protects him from dying. He would come back to life, but as a demon. Things would get interesting as how Sam would save his beloved brother who is now his natural enemy. In the beginning of Season 10, Sam starts looking for his brother Dean who is now working with Crowley and has no plan of returning back to his old life. However, if you notice closely in this episodes, Sam Winchester could be seen wearing an arm sling. Jared actually encountered an injury while playing around on the set. He was goofing with the prophet Kevin Tran when he ended up dislocating his brother. As the show had a tight schedule and needed to be filmed on time, they decided to film Jared with an arm sling.



If you are a passionate fan then there are high chances that you are aware of the Bee Story which was told by Jensen at 2006 Paley Fest, This hilarious story is related to the episode Bugs of Season 1 where the Winchesters have to film a scene in a room that is filled with 65,000 bees. The entire camera and filming crew got into the body bee outfits. The bee keeper told Jensen that as long as he didn’t piss off the bees, he’d be alright. But the bees ended up stinging Jensen in his rear. Jared also got stung a lot. Ultimately, their effort went into vain as the studio shot the scene with CGI and they got stung for nothing.


5 Interesting Supernatural Facts That Only The Crazy Fans Are Aware Of
The CW

In Season 4 Episode ‘Yellow Fever’. While investigating a case, Sam and Dean while investigating a case come across a person who has numerous pet snakes. While originally Sam was to appear alongside the Dean in the scene where the Python named Anna slides down the body of Dean. Sam was supposed to smile in this scene. But while filming the scene Jared walked out of the scene, he was extremely uncomfortable with the scene, and expressed his concern. Every member in the crew considered it to be a fair and reasonable expression. Jared also revealed that the Python had a fight with its Snake Handler before she slithered through Dean’s shoulder in the scene.

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