5 Interesting Supernatural Trivia Facts That Are Weirdly True

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Every show has a history attached to it. From the casting auditions of the actors to the production aspects of the show. A show is like a giant machine which has numerous moving parts. And when you talk about a show such as Supernatural, the history is very rich. Supernatural is not just a show now, it has become a cultural phenomenon. There’s a passionate fan community who is like an extensive family. Supernatural has transformed itself into something more than a show.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Supernatural Trivia Facts That Are Weirdly True


5 Interesting Supernatural Trivia Facts That Are Weirdly True
The CW

Is Supernatural the longest running show of all time? Well, NO! But it’s the longest running fantasy/Sci-Fi American Series of all time. It is also the longest running CW Series of all time. Supernatural originally aired on WB, but the show was moved to CW where it aired its second season. Even though Supernatural isn’t the highly critically acclaimed or rated show such as Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, but how did it manage to retain a consistent fan base which stayed loyal to the show for 15 Seasons? The answer is its larger than life characters and refreshing storylines. Even though the focus always remained on the Winchesters, but the show kept introducing new characters. They also explored every horizon, from the hell and demons to heaven and angels to Scooby-Doo. The show kept reinventing itself in every season while staying true to its roots which captivated the fans in the first place.

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5 Interesting Supernatural Trivia Facts That Are Weirdly True
The CW

Supernatural is among the most binged watched shows of all time. The show aired 327 Episodes in its long 15 Seasons. The running time or duration of each episode is somewhere between 38 to 45 episodes. Now let us do some mathematics. There are 327 episodes in total. While some episodes are 45 minutes longer, some are shorter. Therefore let us take a safe number, assuming 43 to be the average episode running time.

327 X 43 = 14061 Minutes

Now, 1 Day = 1440 Minutes

So 14061 Minutes = 9.7645833 Days ~ 10 Days

So if we one were to watch all the episodes of this show in one go. He has to sit continuously for 10 days straight, non-stop, without any kind of break. One episode after the next, do it repeatedly for 10 straight days. Then only one could complete the entire 15 Seasons of Supernatural which comprises of 327 Episodes. So who’s ready for this ultimate SUPERNATURAL BINGE CHALLENEGE?


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