5 Interesting Supernatural Trivia Facts That Are Weirdly True


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Okay, Supernatural Fans! Take a wild guess, who do you think has the most screen time on the show? Now the obvious answer would be either Sam or Dean Winchester. And if that’s your answer then it’s true! But which Winchester brother holds the record for having the most screen time on Supernatural? The answer is Dean Winchester. Dean Winchester has a total of 7 Days 9 Hours 36 minutes whereas Sam Winchester’s screen time is 7 Days 5 Hours 20 Minutes. These stats were compiled by Screen Time Data. It’s amazing how both the brothers’ screen time is more than a week, sounds weird, right?


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  • Destiny works in mysterious ways. Often times, things happen very differently than how we envisioned or planned. Jensen Ackles was approached to play the role of Sam Winchester. Jensen then almost didn’t get the Sam’s role because the showrunners felt that he’s not that smart enough for the role. He convinced the showrunners that his role is Dean and they were sold on it. And Jensen ended up getting the role of Dean without even auditioning.
  • Similar sort of thing happened with Gil McKinney who auditioned for the character of Sam Winchester, but didn’t get it. Years later, McKinney was cast in the role of Henry Winchester.
  • These weren’t the only two who ended up with a different role. Actress Lauren Cohan auditioned for the role of Ruby which eventually wen to Katie Cassidy. However, the actress ended up with the role of the hunter named Bela Talbot who somewhat overshadowed the Winchesters in Season 3.


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  • Castiel’s wardobe is inspired from the DC Superhero John Constantine who is an expert of magic and fights off dark evil.
  • Crowley is a demon who first appeared in Season 5. The name Crowley of the character is a reference to the infamous magician, poet, writer Aleister Crowley. Interestingly, there’s another demon in Supernatural named Alastair.
  • The last name of Sam and Dean is Winchester. This name is of significance because it references the notorious Winchester Mansion which is known to be haunted. According to the legend, the Mansion was plagued by the ghosts of the people who died due to Winchester rifles. The Winchester Mansion is designed in a peculiar way with the intention of pacifying the ghosts. Whereas the last name of Bobby Singer is inspired from Supernatural’s producer Robert Singer.
  • The role of Ruby was written for Kristen Bell, but the actress couldn’t join the project. Lauren Cohan almost got the role, but it eventually went to Katie Cassidy.

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