5 Interesting Things About Matthew Davis AKA Alaric Saltzman

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Matthew Davis has appeared in plenty of movies and TV shows, he is famous for his part in the film ‘Legally Blonde’. Matthew has been part of some popular movies such as Finding Bliss, BloodRayne, Urban Legends: Final Cut, and Pearl Harbor. But the TVD fans know him for his role as Alaric Saltzman. He is one of the few TVD actors who have appeared in all three shows. The actor also played the lead role in a horror fantasy show called ‘Cult’ which appeared on CW, but the show couldn’t make it to the second season and got canceled.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Things About Matthew Davis AKA Alaric Saltzman


The CW
  • Davis has portrayed the role of Alaric Saltzman across all three shows; Vampire Diaries, Originals, and Legacies. This places him among the few actors who have appeared in all three shows.
  • Matthew is also among the few cast members who have portrayed multiple roles in a show. He played Klaus (Season 2), Silas (Season 4), and Alaric (Season 1- Season 8).
  • Did you know Matthew Davis wasn’t the only actor in the race for the role of Alaric, James Van Der Beek of the popular Dawson’s Creek was also ahead in the race, but they eventually chose Davis.
  • Even though death isn’t always permanent in the TVD Universe, Matthew’s character Alaric has died a total of 8 times, having the most number of demises in the show.
  • His character has also been changed significantly from the book’s version. In the books, he is the fiance of Meredith Sulez and he is also in his mid-20s in the books.


The CW

The actor can be vocal and doesn’t mind sharing his opinions whenever needed. During the Vice Presidential debate, Matthew Davis was voicing his support for Pence, he tweeted that the moderator should let Pence finish his point which prompted Paul Wesley to reply saying that it would be great if Pence answered the questions rather than deflecting them. This resulted in Davis saying that Paul votes for Criminals just like he did in 2016. He further added that Paul’s opinion carries little weight for him. Paul reacted hilariously by saying ‘Alaric is losing it because he drank some Vervain’. Davis responded with some screencaps of unpleasant messages that he received, telling Paul how his fans are ‘Super Classy’. Paul responded by saying ‘Ernesto’, you’re much better than screen grabbing. Paul further tweeted ‘Love you, buddy’.


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