5 Interesting Things About Matthew Davis AKA Alaric Saltzman


5 Interesting Things About Matthew Davis AKA Alaric Saltzman
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When it comes to weddings, people plan in advance for months or at least weeks because the wedding is such a special occasion. But in the case of Matthew Davis, it was on the fly, the actor actually proposed to his partner Kiley Casciano in the produce section of the Erewhon market while shopping. They would end up getting married only three hours later. This is definitely one of the best wedding stories. The actor shared pictures of their ‘unplanned’ wedding in a post. Both Davis and Kiley share a great understanding and are happy to have converted their love into a marriage. They are now parents to two beautiful daughters. Their first child named Ripley Nightingale was born on 31 March 2020 and the second baby girl Dorothy Lavender arrived on 24 January 2022.

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During the pandemic time, people were confused and frustrated. While social media became a source of great help, it also became a platform for expressing opinions without any filter. The actor made some posts on his Twitter handle that didn’t sit well with the fans who felt the posts were insensitive. Shortly after, Kaylee Bryant (Legacies star) tweeted asking everyone to be kind and stop labeling. The fans petitioned to remove the actor from the show. The actor would later clarify his stand saying that the ones who know him know all the accusations against him are wrong. You can read more about the story here.


5 Interesting Things About Matthew Davis AKA Alaric Saltzman
The CW

The fans of the Vampire Diaries are extremely passionate, they express their love and creativity through fan fiction. Crafting their own stories involving their favorite characters, making their own endings, and pairing their favorite ships. So why can’t an actor write fan fiction?

In an interview, Davis suggested that Elena and Alaric have plenty of ‘tension’ between them and one cannot deny it. Now the reason why this feels wrong for the fans is Alaric was married to Isobel who turned out to be the biological mother of Elena Gilbert. Secondly, Alaric was sort of a mentor and father figure to Elena who groomed her, trained her, and helped her with SPN threats. Apparently, a fanfiction on Twitter was written involving Alaric and Elena under the pen name of ‘Ernesto Riley’ which is believed to have belonged to Matthew Davis. At the Paley Tal, Plec brought up the fanfiction written by Matthew and vocally expressed how it’s downright inappropriate. She added that Davis has taken it to Twitter for A/E campaign which is simply inappropriate and unacceptable.

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