5 Interesting Things About The Love Triangle Between Stefan, Elena, And Damon

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The love triangle between Stefan, Elena, and Damon is the major driving force of the Vampire Diaries. It’s only later we learn that Elena is a doppelganger, a lookalike of Katherine Pierce. The former lover of the Salvatore brothers and also their sire. While Elena and Katherine both look exactly similar, but they have contrasting personalities. Katherine became the main cause of rift between the brothers, she manipulated them and used them for her selfish gains. Whereas Elena Gilbert genuinely cared for the brothers, but struggled to choose one as she loved both of them. Despite being with one, she never stopped caring about the other. In the pilot episode, Elena became attracted and captivated by the mysterious stranger named Stefan. They soon began dating, but their relationship becomes complicated when Stefan’s brother Damon enters into the picture. Damon is antagonistic towards Elena and Stefan, but Elena chooses to see the good in him.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Things About The Love Triangle Between Stefan, Elena, And Damon


The CW

Vampire Diaries ended with Damon and Elena ending up together, living a long life, and finally reuniting their lost loved ones. Whereas Stefan was reunited with his best friend Lexi and they both found peace. Did you know this wasn’t the Original ending! Julie Plec revealed in an interview that the ending she and Kevin envisioned in Season 2 involved both the Salvatores dying. None of the brother ending up with the girl, but dying while saving her. Both Stefan and Damon would watch over her and be always with her. Elena would end up marrying someone ordinary and normal such as Matt. But this ending could never materialize because the creators had to change the plans after Nina’s departure.


5 Interesting Things About The Love Triangle Between Stefan, Elena, And Damon
The CW

At the beginning of the show, we learn that Damon and Stefan’s relationship is strained way beyond repair. It got even worse when Damon killed Lexi and Stefan was forced to endure the loss. But as the show progressed, Damon transformed, he started displaying compassion and care. Stefan despite not being with Elena never stopped caring for her. Both the brothers became closer and had each other’s backs. The rift of division created by Katherine was removed by the love of Elena. In the end, both brothers were ready to die for each other and save everyone else. Eventually, it was Stefan who sacrificed himself and took down Katherine whereas Damon finally got a chance to live his life as a human which was once taken away from him.


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