5 Interesting Things About The Supporting Characters Of Supernatural

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the Winchesters are at the heart of the Supernatural. The entire show has told several stories, but their tale of brotherly love is the one main story. The brothers repair their relationship, overcome several trials and challenges, and emerge stronger. But throughout the 15 years, the show has featured hundreds of other characters who shared the screen with the Winchesters. While some of these actors appeared only for a few cameos, some had meaningful story arcs. But nonetheless, there are various other Supernatural characters who have left a long lasting impression on the minds and hearts of the fandom.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Things About The Supporting Characters Of Supernatural


5 Interesting Things About The Supporting Characters Of Supernatural
The CW

Balthazar appeared in only six episodes of Season 6 of the show. An old friend of Castiel who fought in the heavenly war and was believed to be dead, but he was very well alive, spending his time on the earth. While Balthazar’s character met his demise when he went behind the back of Castiel and helped the Winchesters. But the angel remains memorable to this very day. Fans remember Balthazar for his silly hatred for film Titanic. He purposely changed history in the episode ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in order to prevent the film Titanic from ever becoming a reality. He also expressed his disliking for Celine Dion & Ashton Kutcher. Sebastian Roche played the role of Balthazar who also played the role of Original Vampire Mikael in the Vampire Diaries & Originals which aired on The CW. Well, it isn’t the first time the actor has played a Supernatural role. Many would recognize Sebastian Roche as the Sorcerer who appeared in Season 7 of the hit Supernatural TV show Charmed.

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The CW

Even though Rob Benedict has appeared in numerous movies and shows. He is best known for his role of Chuck/God on the Supernatual. While the actor has been a part of the show for nearly 11 years, but making appearances in only 18 episodes. Chuck was initially believed to be a Prophet who saw the visions of the lord, but in Season 5 finale, we learn that he’s the God, the force behind all the events. Did you know Rob’s older sister is the actress Amy Benedict. She is best known for her work in the shows such as General Hospital. In 2013, while attending a fan convention, the actor suffered a stroke and would have lost his life if it weren’t for his friend Richard Speight Jr (Gabriel) who rushed him to the hospital with the help of the volunteers of the Convention. Since then the actor has been a part of numerous campaigns dedicated towards working the Stroke Survivors.


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