5 Interesting Things About The Supporting Characters Of Supernatural


Richard has been a part of Supernatural for 11 seasons, making his debut iin 2007. The actor has appeared in only 12 episodes which is relatively less when compared to other characters. But the actor shares a loving relationship with the fans. He has been a part of more than 70 fan conventions. Richard not just shares a great relationship with the fandom, but he also remains close with the cast members. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that his fun personality, stage appearances, and interactions with the fans & Cast members helped the Supernatural Fan Convention into becoming a pop phenomenon. In one fan convention, he shared his experience of working with Jared & Jensen who are comparatively much taller than him.


5 Interesting Things About The Supporting Characters Of Supernatural
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Ty Olsson is one of the few actors who have portrayed multiple characters in the Supernatural Universe. He made his debut on Supernatural in Season 2 playing a vampire named Eli. He would then be reintroduced on the show as a vampire named Benny Lafitte who helped Dean in escaping the Purgatory. The Vampire Benny is the only vampire who has been brought back from the dead. As we know, the Supernatural monsters such as vampires, werewolves, go to a realm known as the Purgatory after dying. When Dean and Castiel were trapped in the Purgatory, Dean escaped the realm along with Benny. Interestingly, he’s also one of the few characters to visit Purgatory twice.


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In Season 7, we were introduced to the character of a computer savvy named Frank Devereaux who was played by Kevin McNally. Frank lost his wife and children pretty early. He was also friends with Bobby Singer who had once saved him. When the Winchesters are being mimicked by the Leviathans, they sought the help of Frank who creates new IDs for the boys and gives them a plan to protect themselves. When the actor was unable to be a part of the further storylines due to his schedule. The writers created the character of Charlie Bradbury. Vi is a Vampire Slayer who is sent to Buffy by her watcher. Slayers in the Buffy Universe are similar to the Supernatural hunters who are tasked with the responsibility of fighting the evil beings. Did you know that Felicia Day is not just a great actress, but a great scholar and learner too. She graduated at the age of 19, double majoring in music and mathematics, and was among the top 4% students of her class.

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