5 Interesting Things About The Winchesters And Their Friends

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the Winchesters had their fair share of enemies over the course of 15 Seasons. But despite having an array of powerful enemies continuously threatening them, the Winchesters also formed friendships with some special people. Supernatural is a show where words like ‘Family’, ‘Friendship’, ‘Love’ means a lot. While having any sort of association with the Winchesters isn’t a wise thing to do. Several characters who became friends with the boys ended up suffering a tragic fate, but these characters still didn’t regret their choice, and would gladly do it over again.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Things About The Winchesters And Their Friends


5 Interesting Things About The Winchesters And Their Friends
The CW

While Vampires aren’t something new, they were first introduced in Season 1 of the show, and has been recurring ever since. But it wasn’t until Season 8 when Dean found himself trapped in the Purgatory with Castiel that he ended up forming an alliance with a vampire. This is quite surprising because Dean killed Sam’s friend and lover Amy who was a Kitsune. Dean always had a hard time trusting a monster, but he formed a strong friendship with Benny Lafitte. When Sam was trapped in the Purgatory and time was running out, Dean asked Benny to help Sam out. Benny being a selfless friend didn’t think for a minute and agreed to enter Purgatory again. Benny helped Sam in escaping the Purgatory while he stayed back and fought the monsters. When Dean learned about Benny’s demise, he experienced sadness.

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5 Interesting Things About The Winchesters And Their Friends
The CW

Sam and Dean Winchester are undoubtedly the most skilled hunters on the planet. So it’s natural that when you are in their presence, you are going to get some rub. Several of the friends of the Winchesters ended up becoming hunters. Claire Novak is the daughter of Jimmy Novak, the true Vessel of Castiel. After losing both her parents, she made it her life’s purpose to hunt. She has even killed an angel. Jody Mills became her guardian. Jody debuted as a sheriff, but after losing her family, she adopted AJ and Claire, becoming their guardian. Thanks to the Winchesters, she has now become a real skilled hunter. The Winchester influence is not just limited to the humans, even Supernatural beings such as Castiel and Jack also learned plenty about the art of hunting and became a well trained hunter in their own right.


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