5 Interesting Things About The Winchesters And Their Friends


5 Interesting Things About The Winchesters And Their Friends
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It’s no surprise that the friendship of the Winchesters extracts a heavy toll. Nearly everyone who has been friends with the boys has experienced any sort of tragedy. By associating with the Winchesters, one steps into the dangerous world of the Supernatural where evil lurks in the shadows and every step offers a threat.

  • Kevin Tran, the Prophet helped with the translation of the Leviathan tablet which helped the boys to defeat the Leviathans. Gadreel smoked Kevin on the orders of Metatron so he cannot undo the spell of Metatron. Kevin becomes a ghost after is death and is condemned to hell by Chuck, he was last seen wandering the earth.
  • Charlie Bradbury is the little sister the boys wish they had. She is funny, pop culture savvy, and an extremely talented geek. Dean shared an intense bond with Charlie. So when Sam approached Charlie to help Dean get rid off the mark, she volunteered without realizing the dangers. She was hunted by the Styne Family. Her demise really broke Dean.
  • Rowena started off as a villain who tried killing Dean, but over time, they patched things over. Rowena even helped the boys when Dean had lost his memory. And Rowena has assisted Winchesters on numerous occasions. When Chuck unleashed the hell on earth. Rowena sacrificed herself and performed a spell which returned all the souls back to hell.
  • Jo and Ellen joined Winchesters on the hunt to eliminate the devil using the Colt. But after Jo gets mortally wounded by a hellhound, she decides to sacrifice herself to take out the remaining hellhounds. Her mother Ellen accompanies her.


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Garth is a hunter who was first introduced in Season 7 when he was sent by Bobby to accompany Dean. Garth has been turned into a werewolf, but since he has a good control over his impulses, the Winchesters leave him to be. He retires from the hunting and rejoins college to study dentistry. Did you know that Garth’s character was supposed to be written off, but the showrunner Sera Gammbble decided to keep Garth alive, and removed his death from the draft. Thanks to her, we got to experience the magnificence of Garth who became everyone’s favorite hunter. Garth named his twin sons as Sam and Castiel.


5 Interesting Things About The Winchesters And Their Friends
The CW

While the Winchesters are the good guys so one won’t expect them to mingle with the bad guys. But in Supernatural, it’s interesting to see the boys forming meaningful relationships and associations with even the bad guys. These bad guys through their interactions and experiences with the boys had a change of heart. Characters such as Meg, Crowley, Rowena, and Ketch started off as the villains who had troubled the boys on more than one occasion. But in the end, when the time came, they sacrificed themselves for the greater good. Meg stayed back and fought Crowley, allowing the Winchesters to escape. Ketch died at the hands of a demon, but didn’t betray the boys by giving their location to the demon Ardat, he even broke his contract with the demon.

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