5 Interesting Things About TVD ‘STELENA’ That Fans Might Not Know


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While the ending of TVD saw Stefan sacrificing himself to save everyone, Damon and Elena living a happy life together and then reuniting with their loved ones in the afterlife. But Julie Plec revealed that Nina Dobrev’s decision to leave the show after Season 6 sealed the fate of Delena. If she had not left the show then there would have been a good chance of Stefan and Elena finding their way back to each other. It sounds like a long shot, but the love triangle could have been relevant again before the show concluded. However, Nina’s departure transformed the show from a love story to a tale of two brothers. Therefore, it was only sensible thing that both brothers find a happy ending. While Stefan got to be the hero of the story, Damon lived his love story.


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As a human Elena chose Stefan as her true love over Damon, she even told Stefan that it’s best decision she has ever made. However, once she transitioned into a vampire, things got complicated, and they ended up breaking up. Even Damon has confessed that Elena would have been with Stefan if she were still a human. There’s a concept of sirebond which is a link that exists between two vampires, the sire and the sired. When a human has feelings for a vampire and ends up turning into a vampire then they might experience a sirebond due to their emotions being amplified. As Elena was turned using Damon’s blood and she had feelings for Damon prior so her emotions were amplified to a large extent which could explain her love for Damon.

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The CW

Elena and Stefan share numerous similarities. Both of them were abandoned by their mothers, Lily Salvatore left Stefan and became a Ripper, Isobel deserted Elena as she was not ready to be a mother. Both Stefan and Elena share a passion for writing as both of them have written journals expressing their thoughts and feelings. Stefan originally wanted to become a Doctor and Elena wanted to become a writer, ironically, Elena fulfilled Stefan’s dream by becoming a doctor and Stefan became the writer of the TVD story. Both of them come from the bloodlines of the doppelgangers. Stefan comes from the bloodline of Silas, the first immortal man, he’s a Salvatore doppelganger. Elena comes from the bloodline of Amara, the first immortal woman, she’s a Petrova doppelganger. In the novels, they were the soulmates.

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