5 Interesting Things Revealed By Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley


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Paul is so grateful for playing the ‘more intelligently-superior, good-looking’ brother of Ian Somerhalder. He said that Stefan is the good guy, but he was envious of Ian’s Damon who is the bad guy. So when the time came for him to be the bad guy, when Stefan became RIPPER! It was pretty interesting for him. Ian Somerhalder called the role of Damon a role of the lifetime, it only comes once in a while. It’s an experience which is second to none. He called Damon one of the most fun people you can find on TV. But then he grew a heart in the later seasons. Ian talked about when the Rose arc came in Season 2 where he was supposed to cry and express the heartbreak of losing Rose, he hated the idea. But it was WB’s executive Peter Roth whom Ian calls a great mentor convinced him to undergo this change, to grow his character. Ian Somerhalder understood that he cannot be a one trick pony.

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When talking about their favorite moments on the show. Paul talked about the final moment of the show where the Salvatore brothers reunite in the afterlife. Damon’s last line is a callback to his first line on the show. Paul considered this moment very special because it was the last shot, the last scene they filmed on the show. He called this final scene where the brothers hug and embrace each other ‘Cathartic’ and ‘powerful’. Ian also felt the same about this scene. He also recalled their scene together in the episode where they are on the rooftop along with the director Marcos Siega. Ian said he could vividly recall that moment and that was 13 years ago. The actors also talked about what made TVD so great, the reason the fans were able to relate to these characters is because the two main characters; Stefan and Damon, they are different, they are outcast.

Paul and Ian talked about how much time they spent together while working on the show, reading lines, traveling for the press and media. Paul got next door apartment to Ian so they could read lines together and this was long back before Zoom, Snapchat was a thing. Paul who’s from New Jersey spent long time in Georgia where the show was shot, away from his family and friends. He said this is why the show became so good because the cast members became an extensive family, they lived together, ate together, were on the road together which was reflected in their chemistry on the show.

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