5 Interesting Things To Know About Caroline Forbes & Klaus Mikaelson


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While Klaus and Caroline might have not ended up together, but their stories will always remain intertwined. After Klaus left Mystic Falls, Caroline married Stefan and got widowed. Klaus promised to be Caroline’s last love and lived true to his word. In TVD Finale, Caroline receives a huge donation from a benevolent donor who turns out to be Klaus. He financially helped Caroline in setting up the Salvatore School for the Young & the Gifted. Caroline along with Alaric, founded a school which provided a shelter and home to everyone. Klaus’ own daughter Hope Mikaelson enrolled in this school which would become the premise of Legacies. In Dangerous Liaisons, Klaus gifted a blue gown dress to Caroline who wore it to the ball. The dress came in the possession of Lizzie who would hand it over to Hope to wear at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant when she couldn’t participate. Also, Hope and Saltzman Twins became best friends and studied together at the Salvatore School.

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There was once a plan that Klaus & Caroline would be the endgame. Some sources suggest that Elijah would have sacrificed himself in the finale and it would have made more sense as Hayley was no longer there so he had no reason to live any further. In season 5, Klaus and Caroline reunite in France which is one of the places where Klaus planned taking Caroline to. There were numerous reasons why Klaroline couldn’t be an endgame, most prominent one being Stefan marrying Caroline therefore had Caroline ended up with Klaus in the end, then it would have been a disservice to the memory of Stefan. Secondly, it seemed more fitting that Klaus redeems himself by making a selfless sacrifice. We got so close to getting the perfect ending which Plec once envisioned that Klaus and Caroline touring the world together.


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Did you know Klaus learned about Caroline through Katherine whereas Caroline learned about the Original Hybrid through Elena, both are Petrova Doppelgangers. Klaus has accepted his vampiric nature as it made him powerful and invincible, but did you know Klaus has once revealed that he wished to be human whereas at one occasion, Klaus revealed that both him and Caroline are same in the sense as they don’t want to revert back to human again. Both of them didn’t plan the parenthood, but they ended up becoming parents. Together they have two dances, one date, and one wild…well.

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