5 Interesting Ways How Lucifer And Supernatural Are Connected!


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Since the moment Supernatural captivated the audiences, the show was refreshing and unique. The show is a mix of drama, horror, comedy, action, and lot more. There’s something for everyone in Supernatural. The show has a very vast universe comprising of different types of supernatural creatures and species such as vampires, werewolves, ghosts to the mythological entities such as demons, angels, God, and the devil. The conflict between the forces of good and evil, angels and demons, God and the devil, made the show really interesting. Even though numerous shows have featured the concepts of angels and demons, but none did the justice like Supernatural. However, there’s another show which became extremely popular with the fans. The show is ‘Lucifer’ which aired on FOX, but when it got cancelled, the fans launched a viral campaign to get the show back on air. The fans’ efforts paid off when Netflix picked up the show. While both the shows share numerous similar characters and elements. We have compiled a list of several interesting references, nods, and associations which show that both shows are related.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Ways How Lucifer And Supernatural Are Connected!


5 Interesting Ways How Lucifer And Supernatural Are Connected!
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Supernatural Season 15 Episode titled ‘Gimme Shelter’ features an interesting direct reference to Lucifer. Castiel and Jack pretends to be the FBI agents titled Agent Swift and Agent Lovato. They are investigating a case and while doing so they come across a crossroad demon named Zack. The demon becomes curious seeing a pair of angels investigating and solving crimes, he says ‘So wait, are the angels solving people crime now? I’d watch that show’. Interestingly, this is a reference to Lucifer where the devil Lucifer solves crimes along with the detective Chloe Decker. Even Lucifer’s brother Amenadiel has also participated in solving crimes, he even became a cop to help others.

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5 Interesting Ways How Lucifer And Supernatural Are Connected!

Not only the subtle references and nods, both the shows share another interesting similarity. There are a few Supernatural actors who have cross over to the Lucifer world. Rob Benedict who played Chuck AKA God in the Supernatural Universe, initially believed to be the ally of the Winchesters, but in the end turned out to be their greatest villain. His appearance in Lucifer is no different. He played a mercenary named Vincent LeMec who is responsible for the death of Dan Espinoza. He also kidnaps Lucifer’s daughter Rory, bringing the devil to his knees. See the parallel there! Another actor who appeared on both the shows is Timothy Omundson, he played the demon Cain on Supernatural whereas he played a character named Earl Johnson on Lucifer who gains God’s omnipotence through a belt buckle.

5 Interesting Ways How Lucifer And Supernatural Are Connected!
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