5 Kids That Became Self-Made Millionaires!

Millionaire Kids
While most kids spend years in school in order to get an education, degree and eventually hopefully a decent job.

While most kids spend years in school in order to get an education, degree and eventually hopefully a decent job. Some kids decided that was too bothersome and earned huge amount of money before they even enter their teenage. I’m not talking about someone who inherited all their money, I’m talking about kids who have earned millions and they did it to their own efforts.

Let’s Look At 5 Kids That Became Self-Made Millionaires.

1. Fraser Doherty.

Fraser was a young boy from Edinburgh, Scotland. He was known as the Jam Master but he has nothing to do with music. He started at the age of 14, Fraser started using his grandmother’s old recipes to make homemade jam. He stated to sold the jam at farmer’s markets. He later developed a method of making all-natural jam a hundred percent from fruit and after producing this pure jam, he created a brand for his creations and look for major suppliers that would sell his products for him. He named his creations ‘Super Jam’ and it became a huge hit. In fact, there was such high demand for his jams that he dropped out of school and worked on his jam company full-time. In 2007, Fraser became the youngest ever supplier to a reputable supermarket chain in the UK and they offered to stock his jam products and all of their 184 stores across the country. In 2009, Fraser hit 1.2 million dollars in sales. Today, his company supplies 2000 supermarkets around the world.

2. Ashley Qual.

In 2004, when MySpace was still popular, a 14-year-old girl Ashley Qual launched a website called whateverlive.com. She put pictures and graphics she created for others to see. It was also a personal portfolio for herself as well as a platform to showcase the coding skills. She had learned later on she offered free MySpace layouts and tutorials on her site for teens who are interested in graphic design and coding. From there on, her site became a huge hit. By 2005, visitors started pouring in with the intention of finding MySpace layouts and designs. Because of all the people visiting, Ashley joined the Google AdSense program which paid her a share of the click revenue, so she could earn a bit of money. Ashley never expected her site to blow off the way again and at the peak, the site had more than 7 million visitors per month and Ashley earned millions in advertising.

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3. Nick D’Aloisio.

When he was only 17 years old, Nick became an internet sensation when it was announced that Summly app which he made had been purchased by Yahoo for 30 million dollars. The app was created in December of 2011 and is in automatic summarization algorithm that basically condenses news into shortened form so they’re easier to read. This was possible because Nick taught himself how to code when he was only twelve. Nick got the attention of a billionaire who provided Nick with 300000 dollars in venture capital funding.

4. John Koon.

Koon is a chinese-American who became a millionaire at just 16 years old. He did it through a company he started that imported car accessories from Asia. His company was called ‘Extreme Performance Motorsports, and it was not long after the company was established, Koon was contracted by MTV and made millions of dollars. Later he showed his interest towards the fashion business as well. He joined up with Jeezy to launch a clothing company. The company became extremely successful and Koon was able to make million dollars in the process. Since then he has done collaborations with many famous clothing designers while still maintaining his clothing company that is now worth million dollars.

5. Jaylen Bledsoe.

At just 12 years old, Jaylen started his own information technology consulting business called Bledsoe Technologies. At first, he only had a hundred-dollar investment but within two years, he increased the value of the company to 3.5 million dollars. He had approximately 150 contractors working for him. Not only that, he even had celebrity clients like Jordin Sparks and Steve Harvey visit him as well. Recently, Jaylen branded his company as Jaylen Bledsoe global group and also started a young entrepreneur University. He has the goal of educating minority students on what entrepreneurship is. Jaylen is now a nationally recognized as an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker and business development consultant. He has been invited to be the featured keynote speaker for Disney Dreamers Academy, Google and Facebook.

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